I was just thinking about the LinuxRocks instance. Do you want to know something interesting?
It's not just a linux community instance but it's also maintained by the community. I may own the hardware but truly you all own the instance. I just want to personally thank all the volunteers who keep this thing going and especially a shout out to @G_Dog1985 for keeping it up to date and @hund @architect for all their contributions.

@omnipotens @G_Dog1985 @hund @architect thanks to everyone. This is one of the sanest places I've found on the web.

@omnipotens @G_Dog1985 @hund @architect this instance has been great
before i joined this instance it was constant twater messages of no one cares about linux or the gaming market on linux does not exist

it's good to be able to communicate with actual open minded people on here :linux:

@codythedragonrude @omnipotens @G_Dog1985 @hund @architect On behalf of those who've yet to find the competence to be useful, your time's appreciated.

@omnipotens @G_Dog1985 @hund @architect
Thank you for all y'all do to keep LinuxRocks going strong, and make it a joy to be a part of!

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