Why didn't somebody tell me was down??? lol No idea how long it has been down for. Maybe I need to setup some monitoring lol

@omnipotens i figured you knew this already

also would you be willing to make a public statement about maintaining instances?

i would really like to know how feasible it has been for you hosting peertube and mastodon instances

i hate this possibly false worrying of instances going down and losing all my everything

@codythedragonrude Well I would advice you keep your own backup no matter what instance. As for feasibility I own the server and my friend owns the bandwidth and unless something blows up completely I have no plans to go anywhere. There are plenty of people that have access in case something happens to me they could migrate it. I have purchase drive space on the cloud for backups yet we have not set it up yet.

@omnipotens i guess that's really the concern the cost of maintaining it can't be cheap

@codythedragonrude Honestly its not the cost but the up keep like keeping it updated and secured that the true pain. However we have some awesome volunteers here that help. Just like anything crap always happens when I am not around a computer so luckily there is a few people who always jump in and help.

@omnipotens and that's why i have not even created my own peertube instance

i would like to be able to self host just my videos but yeah keeping that secured would take so much time away from making videos

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