@omnipotens i did for a good while but went to i3 later ... and somehow went back to gnome, even ... xD

@omnipotens nah i recently went back to linux mint cinnamon and it's been great

I did at one point years ago before I settled on Plasma in the dark ages of KDE 4.x

@omnipotens yip it's my daily driver for a few years now. Love it!

Like a few on this post, I've used awesome but moved to i3 because awesome burned me pretty bad.

Awesome was my first WM, and against the warnings of a coworker, I still installed it. Everything was fine for about a year until the v4.0 update of awesome broke everything. I believe since awesome has its code also in its config file, so when they updated, it borked my setup.

i3 seperates its config so updates won't break so I changed my wm to i3 and I haven't looked back since. 😁

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