@troyh Now here is the big question vi or nano?

Hints you say nano you might get blocked haha

@Batcastle @troyh I never understand people who say that. What do you do where nano works better?

@omnipotens @Batcastle @troyh I just like nano better. Yes, vi is a hell of a lot more powerful, but nano is just plain easier to use.

Its like the difference between using gedit/kate and libreoffice when all you want to do is edit a plain text file.

@matt @omnipotens @Batcastle Absolutely true that vi and even emacs have a huge learning curve but I would argue putting in the time to really learn and advanced editor pays back major dividends in productivity that simply can not be achieved with other platforms. However, it really depends on how much time you spend working with plain text documents to know if the investment is worth it.

@troyh @matt @omnipotens Well, Like I said, I only use CLI text editors for quick changes. Otherwise, since most of my time editing docs like these are spent with BASH and Python, I need something with features that both Vim and Nano don't have like syntax highlighting, line numbers, etc.

@Batcastle @matt @omnipotens vim has a very complete plugin system and has every advanced IDE feature you can ask for - syntax highlighting, spell check, line numbers, auto completion, etc, etc, etc

@omnipotens @troyh @matt Vim specificly I have no idea how to use and don't have time. Lol. I'm not opposed to learning it per-say. Just need to stick to what I know so I can actually get work done.

@Batcastle @troyh @matt To each their own but trust me when you start using vim as a text editor its hard to use anything else

@omnipotens @troyh @matt Yeah, I have heard that. And I imagine it would be the same for me. But if you can use it and be productive, more power to ya.

@Batcastle @troyh @matt Its always fun to see how passionate people are over a text editor

@troyh @matt @Batcastle I cant live without it. Even when I get stuck on a windows machine one of the first things I do is install VIM. Just to handy stuff like global search and replace I cant live without as it saves so much time.

@omnipotens @troyh Honestly, I don't know how to use vi/vim. So I use nano. But I only use it when I need to do some small, quick changes to a file. Beyond that, it depends on the file and what I am doing.

For BASH, I use gedit.
For Python/HTML/C++, I use Geany.

@troyh Hows it go... I've been using VI for years still trying to figure out how to quit

Vi but sometimes vim... Also when using visual source code you can laod vi extension so it works just like vi :-)

vi only if vim isn't installed and there's no internet access on the server to install vim. Also use Vundle for plugin management with a multitude of plugins.

nano only if I want to shoot myself... haha jk Its like mixing the worst of a CLI and GUI editor together. I'm a software developer and to be fair nano is fine for sys admins who just need to edit a file. But definitely not to program.


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