Too many projects, to many hobbies, sometimes its hard to decide what to mess with.
Would anyone like me to do a quick podcast like segment to answer any questions on any of my hobbies?

Ham Radio
3D Printing
Home automation
Electronic design/implementation
WISP long range wifi

I have some time available and the equipment so I figured I might throw something together not exactly sure what it would be like yet.

@matt sure thing. Anything specific or a general were to start and the tech?

@omnipotens i'm curious as to why people use ham radio, what kind of equipment is involved, training/licensing, etc., And any cool stories you have

I've been partial home automation, so seeing how other people put theirs together is something I'd be interested in.

@omnipotens Home automation And Linux sound good. I really need to get back into podcasts and I've loved what little home automation I've got into so far.

@omnipotens sure, you find time to talk about cool tech stuff and I'll find time to listen to it, lol

@architect Well I am having to rebuild my streamer. It took all of 1 minute. Got to love docker!

Oh man so much cool stuff I'd like to learn about...
- 3D printing
- home automation
- electronic design/implementation

but I guess it's too much to fit in one podcast... :/

@kurisu how do you 3d printing?
What kinda materials can you 3dprint with? Which one is good for what stuff?
What kinda shapes can you 3dprint? What do you need to be careful about when designing a shape?
What are the tricky things in 3d printing?

It sounds like we share a lot of hobbies, I have been using Linux for a long time.
I have two Tevo tornadoes for 3D printing.
I use openhab for home automation (Alexa does her bit with that)
I enjoy projects with arduinos and raspberry pi
I didn't see cnc machining on your list, is that something on your to do list?
Ham radio was one step beyond for me, I did us cb radio during the craze (before the Internet) and a friend of mine toyed with ham but I just didn't take the plunge.

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