I think I am going to start me a new project and build me a 3D printer.

Should be fun.

I did that one time. It sure was. Make sure you don't get an acrylic frame. Mine broke at nearly every bolt/nut insert.

@chmod777 Well I was thinking of giving a delta a shot. I was thinking of running by a local shop here that has a CNC machine and just cut out me the frame.

Nice. I built mine from a kit. Sounds like you have a lot of planning to do.

@chmod777 Planning me Naaa. I fly by the seat of my pants and just build lol. I have the design and calculations in my head about all the planning I am going to do is draw something up for the CNC to cut.

Just as long as the three sides are janky in the same way. I'm sure it'll be just fine.

Worked fine for a while. Then I glued and taped all the joints so I could print some supports to hold it all together. Still works alright. I've been planning to get around to making either an aluminum extrusion or plywood frame but haven't.

I haven't really cared about the resolution it can get. I care more about how fast and big it can print. Which has been good enough for me.

@chmod777 Well I want good fast and big LOL One reason I looking at a delta as you can print much faster as you dont have to overcome the inertia and still get a good res.

@chmod777 Tux was printed at 0.2 layer height at 100 mm/s on my delta

@omnipotens it is. Built mine myself, from lasercut aluminium and lots of threaded rod

@omnipotens bunch of problems initially, but after i got it set up properly, it's been working great

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