@omnipotens I don't know anything about audio equipment manufacturers, but just by the sounds of the name, "Behringer" seems high quality :P

Anyway, what I was more interested in is: what do you use that mixer for?

@Wolf480pl I been pulled into a podcast now and then and did one with my some for a short time, but honestly I wanted to start a linuxrocks podcast where people from here can join and we talk about interesting topics

@omnipotens hmm.... but since other participants are not gonna be physically present in your place anyway, wouldn't a software mixer be a more natural choice?
Hm... the coolest would be to have a MIDI controller in the shape of a mixer, connected to a PC controlling a software mixer, I guess.

@Wolf480pl I have multiple sound cards routed to my mixer so it give me the ability to easy adjust on the fly.

@omnipotens hmm... cool on one hand, when I think of the digital->analog->digital conversion, it feels off...

@Wolf480pl Ham radio's do it all the time so it can process and clean up the audio. It a very standard way to filter and clean up a audio stream

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