Been playing with my 3D printer and figured I print me a Fallout mini nuke.

Printed with MP Select Plus
Using MP Chemical Brass PL
Layer Height 0.1
Printing Temp 215 C

@omnipotens can you print and send me a battery compartment for the 360 controller so i can stop using the one made out of cardboard (joking about sending me stuff) 🙃

@omnipotens i have no idea how to even 3d model that and it would be hard to measure

i did try to find a premade 3d model but no luck

@omnipotens also it would need an insert for flat tin foil since both batteries need to be a connected current to work because microsoft loves being tedious

@omnipotens that's awesome looking. that would make a cool raspberry pi case.

@chzbacon It is hallow and unscrews. all it would need it some air holes and supports

@omnipotens might be cool for a little microcontroller project too. turn it into a notification light/sound device. I wants one. :)

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