Just FYi if you try to send me a cease and desist email spoofing the FBI for linuxrocks serving illegal content it my be best if you did not relay it through gmail servers.

Just saying......... Idiots LOL

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@nolifeorname @omnipotens probably giving away stolen Steam keys for commercial builds of Half-Life 2. 😛

@sean @nolifeorname It was just someone thinking they would try to be funny by trying to mess with me. Trust me if it was remotely real it would be a paper snail mail not a email

@nolifeorname It's not it was just someone being stupid thinking they were funny

@omnipotens I wonder what must go on in the mind of people who decide to do stuff like that... To be fair, you could also report them to the police, for impersonating the FBI ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@omnipotens too be fair i'm pretty illegal i mean i pirated my copy of manjaro from there website 🙃

@codythedragonrude I know right me and that damn pirated version of Ubuntu. I knew it would catch up with me lol

@omnipotens we just godda stop being illegal free software users
it's really offending the FakeBI squad :yay:

Bahaha scammers these days, they're a new breed of idiotic, aren't they?

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