Made it to Redmond Washington after one of the roughest plane rides ever. Then almost dying in the drive to the hotel.
Then I felt like idiot walking into the hotel room when the lights didn't automatically turn on. I screamed out "computer lights on" well hell I forgot they still use physical switches in this century. :rofl: :rofl: Now I know how Scotty felt haha

Haha you shouldn't feel like an idiot,you thought the lighting system was more sophisticated than it must have a firm discussion with the Lord of the manor....

@bowner1012 haha more like force of habbit lol. I think they need a upgrade

@omnipotens wait, there are hotels where the lights turn on automatically? o.O

@Wolf480pl No my house does and its habbit or I turn them on my voice.

@omnipotens cool!

Is it some off-the-shelf solution, or did you build it on your own?

@Wolf480pl openhab, zwave ziggbe some modified wifi stuff, and alexa running some of my own skills.

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