What kind of IT pranks have you played on people??

I used a kinda IP spoof using a proxy (still in kali don't remember name ATM)to gain access to a buddies home router. I changed the DNS to point to one I setup which redirected every common site to a porn site.

Years ago I slipped on my friends GF machine running win98 and changed the shell from explorer to progman and told her 98 sucks I reinstalled win 3.1 I swear I think smoke was coming out her ears as she thought I really did it lol.

My friend once bought a USB 3.0 external HDD enclosure, but didn't have USB 3.0 in his laptop to check how fast it is, so he asked me to test it.
I plugged it in to my USB 3.0 port, measured how long it takes to dd 30-something GB from /dev/zero (or maybe /dev/urandom?) to a file on the external HDD, and then...
Then I renamed the huge file to start with a dot, and left it there.

Or maybe it was more like 100GB? Can't remember.

A few weeks later, when I already forgot about it, I was on university when that friend complained on IRC that he found a huge hidden file on his HDD, doing nothing but taking up space, and that he finally knows why there seemed to be less space than there should be. 😆

Can you imagine how hard I laughed?

@omnipotens some of the classics:

Screenshot of their desktop and set it as the wallpaper, then hide all the real icons.

Change the double-click sensitivity on their mouse so they have to hammer it super fast to register.

Tape over the sensor on laser/optical mice.

@kungtotte oh flipping there screen but flipping the background to the correct orientation is fun too. sit back and watch the head scratching

@kungtotte putting text files and/or batch scripts in the startup folder, changing home page to a shock site, redirecting their favorite sites in the hosts file

@omnipotens once a not nice teacher left their computer unattended so we edited autoexec.bat to format c: /q/y

@joe Owch. What you could of done if it was 98 or below is renamed all the directories with a ASCII character space at the end. Like ren Windows WindowAlt^255 so they could see the folder but when they cd windows it would not go as it has a ASCII space and unless they knew to type it they would not be able to access it. It's completely madding for people lol Its right there but can get into it.

@omnipotens Moving wireless keyboards and mice around office desks is heck of a lot of fun …

@omnipotens I'm showing my age here, but in Jr. High, I reassigned all ASCII codes on random Apple IIc keyboards in our computer lab.

@omnipotens Also in the same lab I configured a key sequence to run a CR command loop, again on a random IIc keyboard, and unload all the paper from the dot matrix line printer onto the floor. Childish?, yes... But so fun watching everyone try to stop an entire box of continuous feed paper from spewing out of the printer.

@massius27 damn this feels familiar I might of done something similar but I can't place it lol. Getting old sucks when trying to remember crap lol

@massius27 I was in elementary when we had apple II middle and high we had dumb terminals

@omnipotens in my old work I took a photo from the perspective of the security cameras, photoshopped in a random bearded man, printed it, then cellotaped it in front of the camera.

Looked like there was some dude there on the security footage, but nothing when you opened the door.

I got a health and safety warning. No sense of humor.

@omnipotens used to change the voltage switch on old school power supplies all the time. That would drive people crazy. Hiding mouse balls.... Thinking of stuff I did on BBSes that I'm still not sure I should talk about.

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