Lab sure starting to look empty. Going to be sad to see everything I built here go and have someone else's hands taking care of it.

@newnix It's hard to let your network and servers you built from scratch go. It's like watching a kid grow up and leave the house lol. There were many late nights in it's creation. There was bruised and some blood spilled.
In the end a rock hard network was built with no single point of failure. Not even loosing one of the two power grids. Everything had a fail over. In all the time we had no complete outages not like the home were its all moving too were it's seems almost weekly.

That's so sad... on the upside, the new place sounds like it'll have plenty of interesting work to do at least

@newnix The best part of it all. I get to send all my cabling nightmares to someone else lol. Cable niceness went out the door long ago when they asked me to trace a cable to move it to another server and laid off my team lol

Lol, I totally understand. It's a pretty intense sort of bittersweetness, your creation's being mangled, but it's also not your problem anymore

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