Cell phone recommendations anyone???

The only requirement is it to have a finger print reader preferably from facing kinda got spoiled with it.

@omnipotens I'm actually going to make sure my next phone does NOT have a fingerprint reader. Gigantic security hole right there.

@matt From everything I know you still need physical access to my phone so honestly if you have my phone then i am either dead or unconscious. If you want to see my linuxrocks post or where I been using my GPS or what the hell I been browsing on the internet just ask lol I dont have important shit on my phone. I just like to unlock easily and login to a few sites that in the end best you can do is blog in my name lol Oh! maybe mess with my lights in my house with OpenHAB LOL

@matt @omnipotens or just don't enable it? :thinking_hard: Phones without fp scanners are going to going to be harder to find

You can probably get a decent Galaxy S/Note, but that assumes you like having your phone as a media consumption platform.

@architect honestly me and Samsung are not on speaking terms at the moment. My phone, My wifes phone, my son's phone, and my daughter's phones all Samsung galaxy phones. We have have to fight for about 15 minutes everytime we try to charge them it screams about moisture in the charge port and support tells me to dry it with a hair dryer and ATT trys to sell me new phones and get no response on their forums. Samsung can kiss my @$$

@omnipotens the one plus line has served me well for years now, just flash a different ROM onto it 😁

@omnipotens I recently switched from Android to a cheap (but pretty much brand new) iPhone SE. Still gets updates etc and I, very happy. May be worth considering.

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