Come January I am not going to be able to host Would there be anyone who would be willing to take over the hosting? I might be able to host it back in the future but with my job shifting around I am not sure if I will be able to host it.

Don't worry about linuxrock mastodon instance. It is not going anywhere and have this covered.

@James @nergal I may have a solution to my issue if I can get my servers swapped out at my buddies colo with the one I have sitting at my house. since that ine has 48 cores rather than 8. I will see what I can do to save it if everyone is wanting to keep peertube around.

@omnipotens I'm might be interested... how are you currently hosting it... how much cpu/ram/bandwidth does it require?


currently only 38GB with OS
as for proc and ram it only gets hit hard when processing a new video. When its not it's pretty idle.

Cant really give you a idea of bandwidth as I don't have a monitor on it directly but seems to be pretty minimal.

@omnipotens are you currently self hosting or renting something?

@LTGUY005 Yes I currently have two servers one hosted at my friends colo and one hosted at my current work. Well my current work is going away in January so I am going to have to consolidate. Which I might be able too but at this point I may have to pick and choose.

@omnipotens im assuming i'd need to upgrade to business internet if i was going to host it myself.

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