Tell me your story
How did you get into Linux.

My story, the first time was chatter on a BBS that slackware 2 was just released curious I started the download. Realizing I was not going to be able to download it by myself I recruited friends. We all downloaded a couple of the 70+ disk each. Installed it and said now what lol. I met a still close friend by slackware 3 that talked me into trying it again and we went to his work at a ISP and downloaded it. When the journey truly began.

@omnipotens I was fortunate enough to have a live CD of Ubuntu handed to me at University by a senior colleague in the student council. I then began mucking around with different window managers and eventually borked my X server so I had an extended break and used Mac for years. I've only recently been using Ubuntu again as I've gotten more interested in programming and open source. Lesson learnt - don't change window managers! haha

@bitcoindj changing windows manager is normally easy depending what your coming from and going to. Sometimes depending on what to what you can run into conflicts in the config and normally just wacking a few files will fix it. Thats probably what you ran into.

@omnipotens my dad once installed fedora, it was version 15 or 17. Showed me the KDE and told "This is Linux, have fun". Then I spent some time playing with it around, reading book on list of commands and mostly played with it. I used it in paralel with windows for until 2013 (that year I switched to Linux Mint Katya), then I switched to Linux completely and still use it always.

@omnipotens In 2008 I was laid off from work. I still had their IBM T42 at home and I wasn't about to return it, but I didn't like Windows. After some research, I downloaded a Lubuntu ISO and I loved it. That IBM suddenly felt like a beast! It reminded me of my first big jump forward in computing power from an Atari 800 to a 12Mhz 286 with DOS 4.
Since then I've migrated to Debian stable or testing on all my computers.

I hadn't realized until now that 2018 is my 10 year Linux anniversary!

I was a Windows fanboy, but I watched Ezee Linux and Switched to Linux on YouTube and they made me realise very quickly how bad Windows was from the privacy point of view. Started playing around with distros in VMs and then I made a complete switch to Linux. Now I prefer Linux in every respect, from privacy to the technology itself. By the way, i3 ROCKS!

@omnipotens I grew up as a windows gamer. Fast forward to 2014, I was experiencing loads of problems with 7 and was worried about the speculations of where windows was going (most of which turned out to be true). Read about Valve's endeavors with Linux, gave Ubuntu 12.04 a shot, and nothing seemed to work. Tried 14.04 and was a lot smoother. After 4 years, the selection of games is amazing, and I find FOSS a better experience. Thank you Microsoft for showing me the way! 😆

@omnipotens it's a long ish story, I'll write a blog post about I when I get a chance. But it mainly started after I watched the movie Revolution OS.

@matt you know I am probably going to get shit for this but I didnt care for revolutionOS the story is way more interesting than how they made it sound.

@omnipotens my story is back when Vista was the newest Windows available, I had the cheapest laptop of all budget laptops and kept getting BSOD's on at least every other boot, so I got pretty tired of that pretty quickly and tried Ubuntu 10.04 in a dual boot, haven't looked back since I found out WoW played well in Wine a few months later and went Linux full time.

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