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Meh... Does gplv2 apply in mars? I might be lazy finding the source code..

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I mean, I don't like to delve into the past, but I used to be the TI's technical support lead on N900. I mean, there was hardly a moment where the engineering team hadn't been just spectacular. But yeah.. sigh.. old wounds get opened time and again.

Took years, but got it.. you can't loose the faith in upstream. Openocd for k3 devices... Two things: 1) I love the Aerolite, although it has not enough headroom for me and my helmets hits the switches, which is suboptimal, 2) Someone is trying to create a Youtube channel for airplanes, which does not always work, but this guy lasted for 2 years. Oh, and also: anyone heard what's up with the exports to Germany? Someone sold Aerolite there in the 120 kg class. #aviation #part103

Cheapest way to ship something to Mars is to contribute to Linux or ffmpeg:

Watch "Mentorship Session: The Balancing Act of Working with Upstream and Product Teams" on YouTube

Open source Voting System

Politics aside if you were to create an open-source voting system how would you design it to be efficient, secure, and tamper-proof?

I was thinking of something like using blockchain This would create a provable mathematical audit trail for each transaction then. Combined that with using your SSN and a unique ID from the voter registration. You would have proof of every valid vote basically 2fa. Then data will be exported to a write-only USB drive once an hour.

[$] MAINTAINERS truth and fiction

Since the release of the 5.5 kernel in January 2020, there have been almost
87,000 patches from just short of 4,600 developers merged into the mainline
repository. Reviewing all of those patches would be a tall order for even
the most prolific of kernel developers, so decisions on patch acceptance
are delegated to a long list of subsystem maintainers, each of whom takes
partial or full responsibi

Link: announces beagle with RISC_V :) EXCITING!!!
119$ for 4GB and 149$ for 8GB -> Awesome!

Full text:

Working with Seeed and StarFive, BeagleBoard is releasing a RISC-V board to help advance the development of open source software for the RISC-V open ISA. You might see announcements today.

Be sure to register interest on that site because the early board release is very limited.

Also see:

This is preaching to choir.. digipol- 

There are times where centralization helps and where federated networks help. Just a reminder that open source software is not about communism or socialism.. it is about nurturing freedom... Freedom to host your own server, rent you own or move your own .. just like how a home should be..

[$] Old compilers and old bugs

The kernel project goes out of its way to facilitate building with older
toolchains. Building a kernel on a new system can be enough of a challenge
as it is; being being forced to install a custom toolchain first would not
improve the situation. So the kernel
developers try to keep it possible to build the kernel with the toolchains
shipped by most distributors. There are costs to this policy t


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