LR Fund Raiser Status for replacement drive.

Current $269
Goal. $500

We are half way there. You folks Re awesome for the generosity you have gave.

We have a predictive drive failure on the LR Server.

If you'd like to donate to LR

Or if you know where I can get one at a good cost let me know.

MB8000JFECQ HP 8TB 7.2K 12Gbps SAS 3.5'' Hard Drive

At least they don't understand how valuable it can be. When I do spend a few mins explaining, they get it, this is where the tools available to them gets in the way.


It all started with me doing a git log of a non-linux related project and wondering what was the real root of many crap I saw. They do bitbucket. It's pretty decent, except for this..

The Linux guys use mailing list and it works just fine.

As a kernel dev, I equally review subject line of a patch as I review the commit message and the patch itself. However, web based review systems.. bitbucket GitHub, Gerrit... They all lack a decent scheme to do inline reviews of subject line and commit message. Anyone know of a better tool (other than mailing list)?



Hehe.. I was running away from kernel folks to normal Linux people on LR ;) (trimmed):'s GSoC involvement:
We're in our last week of accepting participant proposals. If you submit one and are approved, you can earn money for writing open source software that improves the state of embedded systems development! To get involved: 1) Join our chat at https:/ 2) Explore our project ideas at https://bbb. io/gsocideas 3) Follow the step-by-step instructions on our GSOC page at htps:/

Now The V In RISC-V Stands For VRoom

Hundreds of variations of open-source CPUs written in an HDL seem to float around the internet these days (and that’s a great thing). Many are RISC-V, an open-source instruction set (ISA), an…

KDE would like to thank our "good" friends at Neowin for their contribution to this year's April Fools' joke.

Unfortunately they missed the memo (again!) as there are still two months to go until April 1st 🤡.

It's that time again, time to start gathering project ideas and possible mentors for Google Summer of Code. This year, you can be a student even if you aren't enrolled in school!..

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