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The ARMv9 ISA, And What It Can Do For You

The number of distinct ARM Instruction Set Architectures (ISA) versions has slowly increased, with Arm adding a new version every few years. The oldest ISA version in common use today is ARMv6, wit…

@tbr yeah, i did see the DEBUG 3 pin ports as well.. not really sure what people are pinmuxing out now.. GSG says this, but I see nothing on the port with fedora image.

I did consider that and even going for lasik.. having seen my wife with contacts, I am pretty darned sure I will misplace / drop/ damage in under a week

@arnd thanks for sharing..
Happens that 2 of three of above is from zenni. I think I need to find a second optician opinion

Our beloved friend #FOSSASIA maintainer Areeb Jamal passed away this week due to the lack of oxygen...He was one of top #opensource contributors in #India he touched so many lives...he was too young to leave us. I wish he would receive the recognition he deserved

So, can anyone suggest what kind of a frigging lens do I get to work with multi monitors? Sph +0.25, add +1.50... ugh..

My sorry attempts to get the right glasses. So supposedly after 40s, eye muscles get lazy(bloody buggers), and my 20/20 vision has been screwed up.. and well... Trying to a pair of.glasses that work with my three monitors has been a fail after another... ? Sitting from 2-4 feet on an average.. and I like look at my keys once in a while.. and I give up on my optician..

@mansr yeah already noticed it the first time.. was worried about the serial port.. but I *think* i might be able to get to it via a jumper.. trying to figure out jtag next.

Meh... Does gplv2 apply in mars? I might be lazy finding the source code..

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I mean, I don't like to delve into the past, but I used to be the TI's technical support lead on N900. I mean, there was hardly a moment where the engineering team hadn't been just spectacular. But yeah.. sigh.. old wounds get opened time and again.

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