Now The V In RISC-V Stands For VRoom

Hundreds of variations of open-source CPUs written in an HDL seem to float around the internet these days (and that’s a great thing). Many are RISC-V, an open-source instruction set (ISA), an…

Farewell Sir Clive Sinclair; Inspired A Generation Of Engineers

It is with sadness that we note the passing of the British writer, engineer, home computer pioneer, and entrepreneur, Sir Clive Sinclair, who died this morning at the age of 81 after a long illness…

I hate posting this kind of crap out.. but to look aside is to deny and culpability.

Racism and extremist don't come with just a tag. They come in all colors and creed.

Beaten and humiliated for being a Muslim in India

Attacks on Muslims by Hindu mobs have soared in India, with little apparent official condemnation.

how to get a Starbucks coffee on a vacation 

Btw folks... If you want to get to Starbucks from home on a Saturday... I might suggest the straight way to Starbucks... not exactly Texas Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska south Dakota Iowa Minnesota Wisconsin Illinois Indiana Kentucky Georgia Alabama Mississippi Tennessee Arkansas Texas - 1 week, ~3800 miles, 16 states.. aah just let's take the long way home

The ARMv9 ISA, And What It Can Do For You

The number of distinct ARM Instruction Set Architectures (ISA) versions has slowly increased, with Arm adding a new version every few years. The oldest ISA version in common use today is ARMv6, wit…

So, can anyone suggest what kind of a frigging lens do I get to work with multi monitors? Sph +0.25, add +1.50... ugh..

My sorry attempts to get the right glasses. So supposedly after 40s, eye muscles get lazy(bloody buggers), and my 20/20 vision has been screwed up.. and well... Trying to a pair of.glasses that work with my three monitors has been a fail after another... ? Sitting from 2-4 feet on an average.. and I like look at my keys once in a while.. and I give up on my optician..

Watch "Mentorship Session: The Balancing Act of Working with Upstream and Product Teams" on YouTube

This is preaching to choir.. digipol- 

There are times where centralization helps and where federated networks help. Just a reminder that open source software is not about communism or socialism.. it is about nurturing freedom... Freedom to host your own server, rent you own or move your own .. just like how a home should be.. has turned out to be a fav site of mine. Combined with pilot2atc
For example: -> download and import from pilot2atc, export in what ever scheme (x-plane11 fms for example).

Worst part of rebuilding patchworks is the rebuild of 3 versions of python!!!

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