So, can anyone suggest what kind of a frigging lens do I get to work with multi monitors? Sph +0.25, add +1.50... ugh..

My sorry attempts to get the right glasses. So supposedly after 40s, eye muscles get lazy(bloody buggers), and my 20/20 vision has been screwed up.. and well... Trying to a pair of.glasses that work with my three monitors has been a fail after another... ? Sitting from 2-4 feet on an average.. and I like look at my keys once in a while.. and I give up on my optician..

@nm I got my first set of progressive multi-focal lenses when I turned 40, been fairly happy with them.
Bought them online from, which is cheap enough to just try a few options.


@arnd thanks for sharing..
Happens that 2 of three of above is from zenni. I think I need to find a second optician opinion

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