This is preaching to choir.. digipol- 

There are times where centralization helps and where federated networks help. Just a reminder that open source software is not about communism or socialism.. it is about nurturing freedom... Freedom to host your own server, rent you own or move your own .. just like how a home should be..

@nm I am still of the opinion that "federated" is not the opposite of "centralized". Federated systems are still centralized. There is still a central server that your data passes through and is the single point of failure. The opposite of "centralized" is "distributed", which the current Fediverse isn't.

@nm It is even worse: most of the fediverse protocols (at least those I had a look at) are very similar to how XMPP works. A 20+ year old protocol from before the DHT times (bittorrent came out 2001!). Meanwhile we have dozens of protocols (hundreds if you add the research papers as well) that enable true distributed services, but all of them are being ignored...

@nm I have been looking into how to do p2p systems for almost 2 decades now. I could give you plenty of advice how to get a system that's not only distributed but hard to censor or take down (though, some of these are conflicting requirements). But the problem with such platforms is nicely demonstrated by parler: you don't want a system where people could easily use it for illegal activities without means of getting those peoples out. Unless you have no conscience that is.

@attilakinali From time in memorial, people who want to do nefarious things always had ways and means to do it. Freedom does goes all ways - including towards people we dont personally want it to go to.. at that point, it falls on what our personal priorities are..

@nm Sure, there are always a few bad apples. But I don't want to hand them the keys to my backyard without being able to kick them out again.
Sure, if I write software and people use it to help aliens enslave humanity, that's one thing. But if I run a system of sorts, I don't want these kind of people use my stuff.

The problem here is, if you want to make a social network kind of application hard to censor, then you can't kick out these people.. And as someone who hunted childporn in p2p networks, I really want to be able to kick peoples if they do something I don't like.

Do you think they don't run the code I originally wrote with the opp layer? I don't want them to use my code . Yes, we need to evolve different techniques as technology keeps evolving.

It is as much to say, I invented paper, but I won't make it coz I don't want childporn to use it.

Does we serve a function more than that? I wish could have it both ways... Hmmm

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