@monsieuricon I dont know if we should care from the wider opensource community.. Not sure of the legaleese involved on this, or the impact if any..

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I am NOT a patent fan NOR am I a lawyer. However, limiting the checks and balances from stupid patents??.. One way for people to fight off frivolous patents is Inter Partes Review process. Guess what? Folks have upto Dec 3, 2020 to leave a comment to try and give feedback on Limiting the review process..

Thanks to @arnd I finally got to look at a driver after almost a decade, heh! Fond memories... Nostalgia.. Sigh..


Anyways.. 2020 LTS @gregkh
news still comes from annoucements in conferences. Why is this interesting? Major distros rightfully pick it for the next release..


not from:

<rant> DT and status = "okay" "disabled" "fail-sss"! Grrrrrr... been a decade and counting.. and still trying to figure this out! lore.kernel.org/linux-arm-kern </rant>

Oh.. did I need say? The concept of user color customization is user will create his/her own css and set it up on browser.

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github.com/nmenon/public-inbox public inbox docker...

Having used mhonarc for few years back.. lore.kernel.org had me curious.

Minimal, arcane stuff... ;)
1. Mbsync email to a folder (optional)
2. Create a config and got repo with public-inbox-init
3. Edit the config to add 'watch' for the maildir or you can ask it to watch imap folder.
4. Run public-inbox-httpd for the site and public-inbox-imap-watch to populate

Worst part of rebuilding patchworks is the rebuild of 3 versions of python!!!

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