Hackaday Links: March 15, 2020

Just a few weeks ago in the Links article, we ran a story about Tanner Electronics, the Dallas-area surplus store that was a mainstay of the hacker and maker scene in the area. At the time, Tanner’s owners were actively lo… hackaday.com/2020/03/15/hackad

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Pulse oximeter are important to see the co2 and oxygenation levels in patients esp with pneumonia symptoms.

While masimo rad 7 and similar pulse oximeter are standard, *if* in your part of the world, medical resources are stretched thin...


!!!This is NOT recommended medical advice.!!! Maybe last ditch desperate option..

But yes ambubags have use for patients in respiratory distress. Ventilator like ltv1150 mbrmedicals.com/products/rent- serve a purpose. However, in today's world... If you have absolutely no other option, given your medical resources are stretched thin..... Look below..


A colleague of mine teaches at UT Dallas, on CNN, here is the material he shares.

oh boy.. quip from a colleague:
COVID-19 : Anybody else thinks it's funny it looks like a Jira ID?

3 months more... And I am back to working on Linux...

Hmm.. today's DT evolution meeting was fun... Overlays or exponential dtbs? Lesser of evils.. I guess when I meant an sdk with 0 ti.com code, this is one of the steps to take to conclusion..

Whatever Happened To news.gmane.org?

I fucked up. Short version: If you’re reading mailing lists with an NNTP news reader via news.gmane.org, you should update your news reader to point to news.gmane.io instead. Over the past fe…



Below are some simple methods for exiting vim. Contribute to hakluke/how-to-exit-vim development by creating an account on GitHub.


#libsigrok 0.5.2 is released!

Roughly 40 or so additional devices (or whole device series) supported, improved USB HID support via HIDAPI, Bluetooth/BLE support (Linux-only for now, via BlueZ), and tons of improvements and bugfixes.



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