Scratching my head... Why wouldn't a local timer be valuable for a real-time processor like R5? Or am I just plain blind?

Folks I don't know how many of you know Greg @G_Dog1985 he has been a essential part of LR since the beginning and is still the person who does all the maintenance to the server to keep us updated and secure.

He has unfortunately fell on some difficult times. He has had cancer for sometime and his grandpa is also ill and cannot work leaving it all on the shoulders of his mother to support the house. If you have any pocket change to share here is a good cause

Hm, so at least one person saw beauty in parentheses before #lisp hackers.

“I privately say to you, old friend... please accept from me this unpretentious bouquet of early-blooming parentheses: (((()))).”
― J.D. Salinger, Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour: An Introduction (1959)

I have become a big fan of in recent years.. Find it to be much better experience compared to dia and other tools. + fits into confluence and JIRA integration that i need from time to time.
Ofcourse, i still have my fav as starUML but i have struggled loving it in recent years..

The service manuals of old professional equipment are truly amazing, the schematics are shown in three different abstraction levels, every single connection is shown, waveforms at 100 different test points are drawn, every single component is listed, with step-by-step test and calibration guidelines. You can almost remove everything from the board and put it back together with a service manual.

Something that today's consumers can only dream of...

#retrocomputing #crt

It's here.... Autocompletion code with deep learning

I need a vim plugin ye mortals...

I like the idea.. a processor inside a memory

Will In-Memory Processing Work?

Changes that sidestep von Neumann architecture could be key to low-power ML hardware.

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