TI and Cadence Make PSpice Free

We like simulation software. Texas Instruments long offered TINA, but recently they’ve joined with Cadence to make OrCAD PSpice available for free with some restrictions. You’ve probably heard of PSpice — it’s widely used… hackaday.com/2020/09/20/ti-and

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Cook: Security things in Linux v5.7

Kees Cook catches
up with the security-related changes in the 5.7 kernel.
"The kernel’s Linux Security Module (LSM) API provide a way to write
security modules that have traditionally implemented various Mandatory
Access Control (MAC) systems like SELinux, AppArmor, etc. The LSM hooks are
numerous and n

Link: lwn.net/Articles/832132/rss
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Linux Journal is Back

Linux Journal has returned
under the ownership of Slashdot Media. "As Linux enthusiasts and long-time fans of Linux Journal, we were disappointed to hear about Linux Journal closing it's doors last year. It took some time, but fortunately we were able to get a deal done that allows us to keep Linux Journal alive now and in

Link: lwn.net/Articles/832184/rss
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Bottomley: Creating a home IPv6 network

James Bottomley has put together a
detailed recounting of what it took to get IPv6 fully working on his
network. "One of the things you’d think from the above is that IPv6
always auto configures and, while it is true that if you simply plug your
laptop into the ethernet port of a cable modem it will just automati

Link: lwn.net/Articles/831854/rss
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Whenever people talk about UEFI, and it's implications like having to use a FAT partition, I'm reminded of this legendary commit message:

The OOM killer went berserk while I wasn't watching and killed everything. I have 128 GB of RAM. WTF? Linux 5.8.7.


Next FOSDEM: 6 & 7 February 2021, online

FOSDEM 2021 will take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2021 as an online event.

Please bear with us while we work out the specifics. Further details and calls for participation will be announced in the coming weeks.

Introducing b4 and patch attestation

For the past few weeks I've been working on a tool to fetch patches from lore.kernel.org and perform the kind of post-processing that...


The four stages of open source project involvement:

1. Attribution
2. Distribution
3. Contribution
4. Retribution

Kernel prepatch 5.9-rc1

Linux has released the 5.9-rc1 kernel
prepatch and closed the merge window for this development cycle.
"This merge window felt a lot more normal than 5.8, and all the stats
confirm that it seems to be the usual size." In the end, 12,866
non-merge changesets were pulled for 5.9-rc1, as compared to 14,206 for

Link: lwn.net/Articles/828895/rss
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