BeagleBone® AI Makes a Sneak Preview at Embedded World

A new BeagleBone® made a sneak preview at Embedded World in Germany. Filling the gap between small single board computers (SBCs) and large powerful industrial computers, BeagleBone® AI brings the o…

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I may never have time, but I just can't ressist running openocd on a new chip..

It's a brave New world out there now...

Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10

Available in testing this summer

Oh yeah, in other news...
The 5.1 kernel has been released, aka, maintainers are busy with merging 5.2-rc1 patches and developers are getting ready to post 5.3 patches ;)

I just looked at my contribs over years and realised: I have been on a sabbatical from Linux and opensource in general for the last 3+ years doing pre-silicon work brand new SoC architecture and silcon and hanging around in rtl environment and waves inside the SoC.... Time to get my shit straightened up.. Goddammit..

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..