sucks to see lulzbot guys "streamlining operations".. love the lulzbot printers.. :( I never knew that since majority of my shopping in amazon is done via amazon app.

The BeagleBone AI has launched today

BeagleBone AI is here! The fastest and most flexible BeagleBone yet; now with AI accelerators and an even more streamlined out-of-box experience to get you on the fast track to embedded AI at the edge.

A new edition of the book Modern C is now available under a CC license via the following page

Mathematicians have solved the final piece of a famous 65 year old maths puzzle with an answer for the most elusive number of all: 42. It’s (-80538738812075974)^3 + (80435758145817515)^3 + (12602123297335631)^3 = 42. Douglas Adams would be very pleased.

At least there won't be a dearth of electronics on moon if anyone gets stranded there..

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