looking forward to chilling out tonight and some on !

hope you'll join me by the fire!

oh how i wish Easy Anti-Cheat worked on Linux. :(

the new Broly looks amazing in Dragonball FighterZ

Jedi: Fallen Order is actually incredibly fun. It tugs on your heartstrings in all the right ways, and is a real love letter to SW canon.

Highly recommend if you like SW!

steam is discontinuing the Controller it seems, so they're fireselling them at $5 a pop.

FOSS drivers in linux already so you don't have to worry about them stopping working next month or whatever.

Boost for your friends to get in on some cool HID devices.

The weirdest thing about for me, is that i'm really not the target audience.

I have an amazing PC, and I run . so then what? I pay for your service to rent and stream from YOUR amazing PCs that ALSO run Linux?

but, you won't let me just, ya know, buy and install the games that you helped get running on Linux?

*jackie chan face*

an eminently frustrating product.

i'm enjoying PKMN Shield way more than i thought i would. i love PokeUK

smell of rain and grass, crinkly leaves all over the ground, and gray skies as far as the eye can see.

a beautiful, Fall, New England day.

hmm, i need to think about how to navigate this quota limit on my peertube. hosting full vods of my stream may not be practical. maybe just short highlights then?

any plans for the weekend?

i had my heart set on being left alone, but i don't think that's likely.

for real, i actively miss Antergos. :/ i'm still running what is now effectively just a base Arch install off of what once was Antergos.

but i know that should the time come, @EndeavourOS will be there for me! <3

20th Anniversary of Pokemon Gold/Silver!

Go go Johto! Cyndaquil for life!

@nikodemo144 @LennartMathiassen @Koreko good news: ue4's vulkan renderer for linux is not experimental anymore (on the latest version). I haven't tested it yet but I will definitively compare it to the old one when we switch engine version.
@LennartMathiassen @Koreko @nikodemo144 grins smugly in "vulkan has ray tracing extensions"

also it's still not worth the effort, it's just a tech company dick comparison thing. (which is why nvidia is doing it)

Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

it's day! tonight at 22:00 UTC i'm looking to stream fighting game which runs natively on ! Excited to try it out!

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