Try browsing #art or related #tags to commission an artist instead of wasting time and money on #NFT.

Borrowed from @bogswallop

@BalooUriza @bogswallop is nft about art or the hashes that are assigned to the objects?

@nergal It's about scamming people out of money. The bad art is what it's about for the buyer. Nobody gives a shit about the hashes.


@BalooUriza what class of people are being scammed? thought only affluent do nft?

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@BalooUriza try getting paid for honest work by affluent persons some time. watch as they nickle-and-dime and undercut you. then listen as they boast of that splendid purchase of a vanity they spent on. something that depends on your work to function.

does it matter? who is getting grifted? would they heed your warning? of course, class matters!

i would never be grifted by nft. i cannot afford that clique.

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