@BrodieOnYoutube @distrotube I didn't get to. My connection jumped to a shoddy AP in the neighbourhood. So, I commented on the IS NOT part of the title.

I can watch it now though.

@BrodieOnYoutube @distrotube also, there are 2 definitions of open source. The original definition as pointed out in the video that is synonymous with free software from Open Source Initiative opensource.org, and the one that governs open source definition now from opensource.com.

So it is in fact open source, as dictated by the market definition from opensource.com, backed by Microsoft, Red Hat, and various proprietary moguls.

Remember these? gnu.org/philosophy/free-softwa

@BrodieOnYoutube @distrotube therefore I argue that open source was always a divisive term. It suggests freedom as being you can see, modify and enhance code. You can see this is not the case. The fact that opensource.com has the definition hidden away by another link that overshadows where the definition can be found, is very reflective of the true nature of the term.

So Vivaldi is open sourced. You can see, modify, enhance. It is not free software. Open source is a dangerous term.

@BrodieOnYoutube @distrotube just 5-10 years ago, one could find wars in mailing lists and IRC about open source x free software. Majority argument would be "they are the same thing". If they are the same thing, why supplant the jargon, "free software", with "open source".

These wars are like GNU/Linux distro x Linux distro. It affects me that credit is denied to many for their contributions. Even Microsoft gets credit for WSL that is not much different from Usermode Linux. Give GNU their cred.

@Unairedspecifics @distrotube if free as in :beer: means "here is a drink from the tap made from ingredients and in a place that you do not need to know". Most other things given this way is deemed condescending. It is definitely not kindness nor sharing.

@nergal @distrotube Darren Kitchen from Hak5 used that way of describing the software he showed,
"Free as in beer" was the monetary price
"Free as in speech" was the way code was availible.

@Unairedspecifics never did search for the meaning of those phrases. They sound so American. Most countries have expensive beer and are only just reducing lawsuits for libel and removing fear of "blashpemy". Tokkō is still a thing in various nations with highly religious and political partisanship. @distrotube

@Unairedspecifics need to work on my toot response ethics. Must be annoying sending everything to other people when topics change.

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