Kaspersky AV injected unique ID that allowed sites to track users, even in incognito mode

An experienced dev would tell you why antivirus is a bad idea. It boils down to 2 things:

Giving a non-local/foreign program full control of system resources

Reacting to an infection after it has already accessed the system.

In schools here, it is taught antivirus are a vital service in operating systems and are built-in. (I think they mean firewalls)

@BradleySmall with the way mass media be, clamav would die a very explosive death, and free software with it.

Besides, and (Linux malware detect) do things in non patented ways. So behaviour is not magical and beyond user control.

@nergal Humans are the biggest security hole no AV/Firewall can close 100%.

It's the same here: many teachers at my high-school I went to said
AV is important.

Educating ppl to not get screwed over that easy would be more effective and cheaper.

@Ghosty people don't want education. They want pretty pictures, emojis, and fancy wording.

@nergal @Ghosty pretty "girl" pictures <insert creepy teen boy voice here>

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