Via , I am remoting to a LAN with both DHCP and static addresses. The DHCP networks come across fine. How do I establish connection to the static addresses? Also, link-local ipv6 has been configured on the tun iface. Would a different scope assignment be required to interact with ipv6 addresses through openvpn?

I have yet to produce anything that would found my criticism. I just dislike how javascript is used in the majority of machinations. What is GNOME development like?

Show thread the problem is that webpages are overloaded, over-engineered. A video does not require embedding in HTML. Anything that one would not want to have reloaded is better off being provided through the specific protocol for that object.

I have embraced as my lard and margarine. I am convinced: it is better than *vim*, more stable than all other editors, though it still stutters when opening a file larger than 24MB (should confirm the sign where it starts behaving funky).

gateway solution now available for USD25 monthly! I will bite. This is a good price. Does not feel like overkill at all! Now to convince the clients why this is good.

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Don't buy games which don't have Linux support. Period.

through observation of a small sample of 2000 mainstream/regular users, a great majority (me included) blindly trust protocols, services and applications that claim to encrypt data in transit and at rest. We do not confirm (or know how to). I blame the form education takes. One has to be informed for good habits to form. seems to be working fast now! Infura and others should too.

whenever javascript is not running on a page blocks any string with an '@' sign.

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Here’s the thing about #Coronavirus, kids. It’s got a mortality of less than half of SARS. Not great, but it’s basically like pneumonia, and aims for people who are susceptible to that. Perspective is your friend. Even if it goes full pandemic, by far most of you will be fine.

For reasons, if I get the coronavirus, I’d probably be toast. So if I’m not freaking out about Wuhan coronavirus, maybe the stock market and asinine media should take a chill pill, too. 💁🏽‍♀️


am trying to find a generic gst-launch string using svt-av1 to encode media. There is already info on ffmpeg and I could use that. I do not like having software installed that I never touch (even once).

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Lamps in video games are using real electricity 🙀

is at 0.10! It is getting quite smooth to use now. Still no job-control or a way to change shells other than 'n', 'p'. Nice, light shell to use for text processing and data interchange.

moving files and directories to other directories in is simply a rename.

reading articles about system infiltrations on Ars Technica, one would think on general purpose operating systems exist. If Microsoft releases a Windows Industry edition, it will still be typical Windows with some registry constraints. It is not special purpose. Free operating systems allow one to remove from kernel anything unrelated to the set task. Mainstream news will have readers

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