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More Thoughts for the Future 

@architect We write our name in the sand, and the sea washes it away.

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@stux great comment on this video - "why haven't aliens visited our solar system yet? they looked at the reviews - only 1 star"

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share experiences or why one is preferred over the others.

before openbsd, tried to install guix-system, dragonflybsd, obarun. guix and dbsd refused to see the usb drive. obarun required internet access. openbsd is still like the hey days of arch and other gnu/linux and bsd distributions: everything one needs without a connection to the web. only the proprietary firmware required connection and one gets a list of exact requirements using fw_update.

never thought to try p9 or inferno.

#faking #lie 

github has been migrated to azure and is hosted on latest microsoft server, on distributed file system.

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Facebook acquires OpenStreetMap partner Mapillary - 

@impiaaa @kyzh

Is it basically this?

1. set up a for-profit company
2. tell everyone it's a "collaborative", "open data" project
3. partner with a non-profit to earn brownie points & attention
4. train up your models and develop your tech based on crowdsourced data you got people to willingly upload
5. sell yourself to Evil Corp for $$$
6. shut down the open API, minimise and hamper any community efforts, maximise profits

did btfs fork ipfs? both are hosted on github. does msft own both? with all the proprietary source code breaches pushing to github, i bet there is going to be some legal shift saying msft has to maintain security by owning some portion of ip in all hosted (as insurance, of course).


dat development has been dogfooding from the get-go.

ipfs started with a big bang, then things got abstract. at least there is libp2p from this experiment!

after reading computing news, questions:

why are coding ethics and habits that would result in f in high school allowed in production?

why do proprietary code couple sensitive data with program source?

after 40 years, proprietary code culture still repeats the same security failing mistakes?

is no good now. so much for a network that scales interplanetary. cannot send a 500mb file to a single peer...

would have been marvelous if instead of youtube, got ipfs video feeds over ipfs instead...

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Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD :) (you have to stake 50 MCO or deposit $100 ) to get 50 dollars through you get a debit card to spend the money or link to Google pay

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Repeating my call for help from emacs plugin writers

Use ddg html. Javascript use tends to be for unwanted things anyway. Ddg html search results are fast, light, specific.

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A good journalist is to be feared, not loved or "Respected", by those whom he or she covers. Because #journalism must not be PR or PR-like.

turns out the great enemy that may require mankind to unite to defeat it was not extraterrestrial. it is the same thing that might have defeated extraterrestrials were earth to be invaded. the enemy of my enemy is a superset enemy.

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The person who pushed the most for #uefi 'secure' boot in #linux was also part of the anti-RMS coup and anti-LT coup (Linux Torvalds). So maybe they want some nontechnical scarecrow who speaks about "bad" words like "black screen" in charge of everything...
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So-called 'secure' boot... #redhat pushed for this antifeature, the malicious crap of #intel and #microsoft

Matt Garrett worked for them, taunting Torvalds, who rejected it. I hope #rhel users switch to Debian over their unbootable RHEL crap.
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