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@schestowitz the last few years it seems the #LinuxFoundation is more of a money grabber thing for conferences than freedom of speech and defending users' rights :( #EFF For the win.

@ajdunevent I am still learning the ropes of CLI mastodon-ing. Bitlbee surpasses most other options in stability and noise-control.

@ajdunevent why will this thing not work?! Is it because I am running as a client and not a full bridge?

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1.3.0-alpha flatpak keeps crashing when I try it in Wayland. It was crashing 14 years ago too on Windows, why we stopped playing it ;-D The codebase is gigantic! UFO:AI is also a beast. But one can see the code; one can pitch in. I so don't want to delve into C++ though )-:

trolls need to become a folk species. Never feed a troll: it outlives its life expectancy with each nibble.

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Falling prices & the fact that FB, Instagram and WhatsApp get banned from Huawei devices makes them look even more attractive to me. ;)

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Martins D. Okoi of #fossmint is again promoting #proprietarysoftware for "Macs", not FOSS, not BSD or GNU/Linux. It's a shame because this site used to be good; lately, however, lots of this crap. It's like a vegan site selling meat.

technologies and have meshes routing IP. Less radioactivity, backwards compatible, less resource waste, better security (the advantages are innumerable!).

functionality. Where in it is appearance an issue? I am sure the document explicitly stated applications being broken, then complaints being lodged with the wrong party.

Do not know if it is my tolerant character: the disturbance about developers being against appears to be a misunderstanding. From what I read, the disagreement is that the themes in question break the interface — not by making icons ugly or colours psychedelic — by breaking the mappings of elements. Like remapping buttons and menu options or straight out breaking

@whitmer1988 today was our second official meeting for Research and Information committee. The chairwoman is familiar with OER. Main concerns were funding and research. yes. A is also a computer. From the same developers that brought you , an operating system for (Texas Instruments) calculators.

@sir I still have not even touched KnightOS. Downloaded it. Launched it with Qemu, if I recall right, but never did anything of worth. But it was complex operations on underestimated hardware. That is how your solutions always strike me.

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