I've been using systemd-resolved for 3 years. It is horrible. There is no proper way to temporarily switch the DNS server, like, dig @server; resolved crashes while sourcing live answers; resolvectl does not produce unformatted query results.

what is the difference between microsoft president and ceo?

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So many articles mocking UNIX geeks for "beards" (shallow insult) and just about not a single article mocking #proprietarysoftware thugs for bad behaviour, sociopathy. Check who owns the media and whose agenda is served....
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Fedora new OOMKiller from Facebook: how does one manipulate it? IceCat used up a large portion of RAM through memory leak. I went away for 15 minutes or so. Returned to 4/9 applications alive. 5 shot dead including the culprit. This is so much like USA drone murders: hit the wrong target and kill the innocents around that target.

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We kindly remind readers that #Microsoft ’s plans with “WSL*” (whatever the version or number) aren’t an embrace of #GNU / #Linux but a clear and direct attack on it http://techrights.org/2020/05/21/we-remember-the-real-microsoft/


Lesson: when there are problems in closed systems, pointing them out is a crime. If you see it in a non-free system, let it be. It is a feature; not a bug. It was placed there on purpose by some alphabet agency.

drug addiction 

I think 200ml of dihydrogen monoxide random times of the day does wonders in resisting disease. Dihydrogen monoxide is the best drug ever made! Why aren't pharmacies getting in on this?!

well, well! is google finally blocking youtube-dl? if so, then goodbye record sales!

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@beakerbrowser this is truly an alpha release. Reports flock in about new features not functioning. This is going to be wonderful. Would be nice to have beaker be a daemon instead of a browser though. Running this headless on some server with issued accounts may be so much more efficient. Not to mention removal of electron bloat.

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if it turns out that much of the deaths are not covid19, but medical malpractice, the families of victims best be greatly compensated and given diplomatic immunity from the bills, taxes and their expenses zero-rated! Just like those bailouts the billionaires get! Those same unaffected that are saying covid19 is nonsense.

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