been using computers for more than 2 decades. Never once peeked at a .netrc file until now.

How does one run an application with lowest privilege and no network access? ip-netns allows such. So does selinux-sandbox. They require root.

Once made simpler, bubblewrap/flatpak could fulfil that. Systemd-run? Still needs root...

How would you solve this?

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Asking for help with small things is a great way to build up the confidence to ask for help with bigger things, too!

is as useful as it is propped up to be? I notice RedHat has been pushing it for years: activated by default in Fedora, always has a ready article in each version of Redhat documentation.

Redhat/IBM is so set to be sherlocked or fubar by MSFT. All there things are on github now?

I know it is possible for systemd services to have vendor:activated tag. When has having services run by default ever been a good idea?

: cockpit got automatically activated in latest update. What other service is being activated without the operator's knowledge?

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@whitmer1988 why is Worchestershire sauce so common in your recipes?

now there is less reason to run powershell (remoting to Microsoft systems is simplified through powershell though).

allows easy parsing of file formats. A nice addition to regular bash.

ended experimenting with fedora blue; tried running haiku. Both failed.

After 2 upgrades on a Toshiba satellite c55, silverblue fails to boot. The health of the hard drive is questionable. Uefi boot should still not fail this way. Not like it is old school pmbr. This is a program from an clearly accessible partition launching kernel.

Haiku boots and installs fine from flash drive. The efiboot on the HDD fails to proc. Also, the flash drive has persistence. That was undocumented.

Is there a Fedora Silverblue + BtrFS installation? Now FS uses LVM2 + ext4

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Microsoft: we love Linux. We don't use Linux. We bribe officials to dump Linux. We pay firms that badmouth Linux. We blackmail OEMs that offers Linux. But seriously... WE LOOOOVE Linux.
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@gael changelog generator for last 2 releases of osprey broke?

How could guix development group judge RMS so? Https://

That was much like a witch drowning test or Catholic Inquisition when the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around it.

They got together on evidence of "private conversation" of which they too were participants to scapegoat another member of the conversation.

This adds up to a lot of demerits against guix and guixsd for me.

Will not be installing until they fix that bug!


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