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@dansup @sean Security is no joke, but #Keybase is.

How many users’ privkeys are stored on KB’s servers (this was the default in the beginning, and last I looked, some of their services still required it) where badguys can exfiltrate them and assume those users’ “verified” identities?

A web of rel=me links, with a user-controlled index (signed with their own GPG key) does the same job without any “upload your privkey” shenanigans.

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"Juniper, Apstra, Big Switch Join Team Sonic "
It's just an #openwashing pact for #microsoft and its data-stealing 'proxy', #facebook
They want to be seen as "open" and bastardise "Linux" while doing #proprietarysoftware
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You 'buy' (rent) a #proprietarysoftware game and then it stops working because they decide that, for financial reasons, they'll shut down the servers
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FOSS: On the Road to Nowhere @bbyfield on @fossforce

I think #gnu and #fsf were right all along; we need to talk about #freesw and not #opensource
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*Different types of screw heads. I’m sure there were good technical reasons to screw this much with the user-base

If is up to no good, does that mean I will have to drop ? I really loved it here...


You've been calling it! Now, more independent sources incoming. Soon, action will be taken.

Shame on LF for distorting what sharing is all about!

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Home-made drone:

Laser-cut wood as a frame, Arduino as a flight controller, gyroscope from a Wii controller.

The rest is off-the-shelf: motors, ESC controllers, RC equipment.

What prompted this challenge was to illustrate that the fad of putting everything to Rust does not live up to what one thinks about when taking the opportunity to write code. The most reached-for options were Python(2 &3), C, C++ and shell.

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main(void) {
char msg[]= { 'H', 'i', ',', 'T', 'e', 'r', 'r', 'a', '!', '\n' };
if (write(1, msg, (size_t)10) != 10) {
} else {

if [ -x "$(which printf)" ]; then printf "Hi, Terra!\n"; else echo -e "Hi, Terra!\n"; fi

package main;
main() {
println("Hi, Terra!");

That's about all I can really recall clearly. Haven't used anything else in long enough that it's hard to remember.

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Cyclists in the tropics should have a liminal alignment during summer - its too hot during daytime for a long drive. But temperatures are reasonable during dawn and dusk, making cycling enjoyable. During night, the temperatures are good, but since thieves and highwaymen have chaotic alignment and are more active during night, it is unsafe.
#ramblings #wesnoth

without looking it up, print "Hi, Terra!" to standard out in all the languages you are familiar with. Doesn't matter if it is wrong. Include Rust if you know how.

Remember: don't look it up!


echo "Hello\, Terra\!"

dug up a 3 year old drive and had a backup repository full of treasures, still healthy and not sapping the space off the disk.

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Comcast assigned every mobile customer the same unchangeable PIN to protect against SIM hijack attacks: 0000

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