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my sdn router ismore efficient than my physical routing.

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I really wish people would stop using Mastodon like Twitter. It is designed to not have the negative effects of other social media sites (like clickbait, flooding timelines, etc.).

Specifically, I have seen people post threads of 20 posts or more (with one sentence each)! Threads are not collapsible on here and CWs only help a little with this.

Also, I've seen many people boost 50+ posts per day, some of them comments that are completely out of context. There is a favourite button for that.


when i die… 

find out what killed me. the entire history. knowing is half the battle. the more we know about what kills us, the longer we live.

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LR Fund Raiser Status for replacement drive.

Current $269
Goal. $500

We are half way there. You folks Re awesome for the generosity you have gave.

We have a predictive drive failure on the LR Server.

If you'd like to donate to LR

Or if you know where I can get one at a good cost let me know.

MB8000JFECQ HP 8TB 7.2K 12Gbps SAS 3.5'' Hard Drive

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Just a reminder of some other service hosted on linuxrocks.





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Edward Snowden Criticizes Home Office Decision to Extradite Wikileaks Founder

'It is an appalling symbol of how far the British and American governments’ commitment to human rights has declined,' the whistleblower tweeted.

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pandemic retrospect and opinions 

this is a better way of offering opinion. what did i do? did it help me? better yet, keep opinions to self until asked.

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pandemic retrospect and opinions 

in august 2020 or so imposed the opinion to an elderly acquaintance that intubation at first sign of severe illness may increase survival chances. that was wrong on many levels.

had suffered covid-like symptoms in december 2019. treated with the same herbs used against chikv and zikv: quailed, crushed mango leaf, papaya leaf, leaf of life. others advised ginger be added for effect. wish i knew that combination instead of downing all those paracetamol pills.

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It’s very strange how so much of critical infrastructure goes up in flames recently, yet nobody in MSM cares.
RT @WillManidis
Freeport, one of the largest US plants exporting liquefied natural gas, exploded on Wednesday.

Freeport represents a critical piece of infrastructure in Europe's divestment from Russian oil. Yet this story is almost no where in the mainsteam news, so let's dig in.

until you are bored in your dreams, too bored no sleep, you won't know boredom. boredom is definitely lack of creativity, a dull mind.

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i want to peertube from an app on the phone. seeking fails. is repulsive.

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Zig is a relatively new (2016) low-level programming language that could compete with C for embedded applications and library writing.
Sounds cool, no? So, let's give it a try!

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