I published a long review of ACE Academy, an English-language visual novel by PixelFade Studios available on Steam.


The Poor Little Bird is a freeware "digital picture book" - effectively a visual/sound novel - released in Japan in 2002 and officially translated into English in 2005 by the Insani circle. I reviewed it in-depth last year. For those who are interested, the official torrent is still available although it may take a bit of time to acquire.


I first played a creative English freeware visual novel called Save the Date 8 years ago. I decided to revisit it for a review - this time trying the native Linux version. The game, which focuses on saving your Felicia (your date), makes use of dark humor to offer a commentary on game design and objectives - with a catchy soundtrack and an Easter Egg for "hackers."


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I am working on a (slow-)moving project to review about 30 freeware Japanese visual novels that were officially translated into English in three translation festivals (al|together: 2005, 2006, and 2008). Nearly all of the translations are still available, although some are temperamental torrents. Information, game download links, and a list of my completed reviews are in my introductory post.


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