Having read that we're in the middle of an anime "remake boom," I call for a new version of the classic Kare Kano.


"Why is it, said a friend to me one day, that the factory girls write so much about the beauties of nature?"

(From an early-1840s essay by a New England weaver.)


In praise of how Minds, an alternative FOSS crypto-based social media platform, allows for adding invisible hashtags to posts. (The crypto however...)


Reviewing the Mastodon Twitter Crossposter from the perspective of using it to keep a Twitter account updated without touching Twitter.


In June 2020, my NLJ colleague Victor V. Gurbo reviewed three sets of vintage guitar strings that he applied to three guitars from his collection.


In 2020, my good friend and colleague, Victor V. Gurbo, reviwed (and performed) a classic folk ballad on love and madness, Love Henry.


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