Review of EnBizCard, a FOSS PWA for creating HTML digital business cards. I describe how I created my own and made it accessible from my WordPress install.

Reviewing the Mastodon Twitter Crossposter from the perspective of using it to keep a Twitter account updated without touching Twitter.

I had been using Ferdi to consolidate several chat services (namely Element and MS Teams). Ferdi seems to have imploded. Trying Hamsket as a replacement. Lacks a few features that Ferdi had/has, but otherwise looks promising.

I use Ungoogled Chromium as my primary web browser on Manjaro. My 2FA SoloKeys generally work... except for my Google account that I use to access the Search Console. I thought it was curious that my keys only failed to work for Google, so I looked for the reason why. I did find the answer on GitHub along with how to fix it were I so inclined.

Back in December, I reviewed "Calculator the Game - ReactJS" - a FOSS PWA that is available on Appscope (installable on Android). It was inspired by a proprietary app of the same name, but is its own project. I played through all 130 levels over a period of about 2-3 months on my phone running /e/ OS and came away with a positive impression.

In late 2020, the once-popular Great Suspender extension was sold and corrupted with trackers. There were a few projects to fork the clean Great Suspender code and continue the project. Last year, I reviewed two: The Great Suspender-No Track and The Marvelous Suspender. I'm currently using No Track with Ungoogled Chromium and it works quite well.

Yesterday, I boosted a post by /e/ about the Murena Teracube 2e being in stock. I purchased one in September and have been using it as a daily driver for just over 5 months. I reviewed the /e/ operating system, and the 2e itself, in November:

I have found that the /e/ T2e works well for my limited use-cases, which I describe in my reviews.


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