100 years to the day, the Great Chelsea Fire (MA) of 1908 burned down about half of a city. A book on Project Gutenberg from two months after the fire contained 34 images of Chelsea before and after the blaze - which I discussed in brief in an article.


Last summer - I came across an 1895 article about a miniature railway system in a backyard in Windsor. Its creator, Reverend H.L. Warneford, showed loving attention to detail. One of the best parts of the original article was that it came with numerous photographs of the model trains and bridges - all of which are included in my article.


Last year, inspired by Parimal Satyal's "Rediscovering the Small Web," I wrote an essay about artisinal websites and humane web design. While The New Leaf Journal, built with WordPress, gives off a less 90s/Geocities vibe than many of the sites featured in that article - the ideas in Mr. Satyal's piece go beyond a specific format.



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