I decided to move my Mastodon account from Mastodon Social to Linux Rocks (old account: For those on the new server, I am a writer and legal research specialist. I run and edit an online writing magazine called The New Leaf Journal. As for why I chose Linux Rocks - I run Manjaro on my main desktop and EndeavourOS, Bodhi, Trisquel, and Ubuntu Touch on other devices.

Welcome again. :)
Ahh... I had a @linuxrocks. ?
account at one time.
But it had issues, and I moved along. - Suffice it to say, it's not a BAD idea to have a 2nd account setup someplace that you can jump to, if the current one has issues. BUT Fosstodon seems to be very, very stable and it's operators seem very involved and active with keeping it going.

@randynose @linuxrocks

I had been thinking for a bit about a different server than the main one. Learned about Linux Rocks on a stream and thought it checked my boxes. One issue I have is that most of my posts are about my own content with additional notes (not all tech) - so needed a server that is a good fit but also amenable to that. Will see how it goes here for a bit..

Thank you for the tip though - I'll have Fosstodon on my list if I ever need to move.

@nafnlj @linuxrocks
Well, once you've built up some core people that you're following, be sure to DL your backup from where you are. That way if it does go down, you'll still be able to easily re-connect with the same people.

@nafnlj Looks like the transfer was made with no problem. Am following you on the new account. Suppose that happened automatically.

@theyn I'm not totally sure how the transition worked - I just winged it. But looks like you and most of my followers carried over without anything on my end (my follows did not, however). If any didn't - my old profile exists with all the old toots and a re-direct notice, so should be easy for anyone who is still interested in following.

@SolusSpider Thank you for the warm welcome. Still new here - but I am glad that I moved from the main instance. Good content and community.

@nafnlj As for Linux, I run:
Solus Budgie: System76 Thelio
PCLinuxOS Trinity: Alienware M15x
PCLinuxOS Xfce: Dell Optiplex 755
PeppermintOS: Alienware M15x
Do have Endeavour Budgie installed on a testing partition, alongside Peppermint 10 and Slackware.
To confuse matters everywhere else online I am named MintSpider.

@SolusSpider That's a good collection. I looked at Solus when I was considering what to put on my now-main laptop. Used Peppermint briefly in 2020 but had some issues on my old laptop with it - but caveat, I was very new to Linux and even now I'm a medium-low level user. For my EndeavourOS laptop I use Openbox. I could have included Ubuntu Server since that's what my WordPress site is on... but I manage that with Cloudron so I don't deal much with it directly.

(MintSpider will throw people)

@SolusSpider I was reading about the new Peppermint - may try in a VM. I think it was a great idea to make hBlock available by default with a GUI. Back when I first tried it, I would not have been comfortable setting it up with the GitHub instructions. And for many entry-level users, being able to disable it when need be (e.g., it causes problems with PayPal and some other payment portals) from the terminal would be a big barrier to entry. More distros should include hosts blocking.

@SolusSpider I was already interested in trying it in a virtual machine - I'll put it on my to-do list for an article.

@nafnlj MintSpider came from me using Linux Mint from 2009 to 2016.
That is my Gmail address and basically whole Google infrastructure.
SolusSpider was my attempt at rebranding on Mastodon.

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