Just published Ratiodon, a Python module that allows you to measure the ratio of a Fedivers post:

@Ghosty Whatever people mean when they say someone gets ratio'd.

More specifically a higher result (5/0) is more positive result than a lower result (0/5).

The ratio is (likes + boots)/(replies)

@n @Ghosty Wait, so, replies are bad? Or is a lower score better?

@eviloatmeal @n Well. This measures the like + boot to reply. So if you write something most people don't agree (for example) with. You most likely get a bad score because you get a ton of replies but not much likes/boosts.

@Ghosty @eviloatmeal I should warn you the score can be slightly misleading if the post has "yes and amen" comments

@Ghosty @n It sounds backwards, to me. But maybe I'm the backwards one, using this as an interactive medium. A boost can't teach you a deep new viewpoint. A like won't make you laugh. Well, never say never. I suppose you could communicate through just about anything that holds enough entropy. I guess disagreement has garnered a bad rap in the last few years, but to me it's a very important tool in learning and growing.

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