When you boot into #windows just to install updates and return back to #linux ...

I just tried the latest ISO, the new installer with speech accessibility is cool!

My new favorite Distro (once more) for getting people into is @elementary. It's not scary as people believe Linux to be, has the potential to impress users, and just works! PS: there's much more to ElementaryOS than just the visuals, which it has been popular for.

My setup just got faster than ever. It starts on a CLI, I can jump into and out of graphical or on demand and then return to the most responsive interface ever: the shell.💻🤓

Not that I plan to leave any time soon, blew my mind once more, just like it did a few times before. I can't appreciate enough for the kind of experience they've created that could help us get more members to the community.

Sure it's slower than the other alternatives I've been using in the last few years, but something this "complete" just blows my mind.

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Having watched the new video, I gave it another try over my / / as my secondary DE. Not that it's day and night since the last time I tried it, but I realized that no matter how much I've been trying to run away from it, it's probably that DE from Linux that would represent itself in front of other close-source OS's in the industry.

Today I started `term` in my Emacs for a quick #git commit and I found it to be way snappier than I'm used to. I shouldn't have been surprised being used to #Hyper as my default terminal emulator.

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