Lack of space key wouldn't be much of a problem for German language I guess but it is required for English

Thanks for marking this as sensitive content. Every food or drink post should be marked as sensitive.

@caleb Is there any difference between free and paid versions of Fedilab? I tried free version but it bugged me. Now I am not feeling like paying ~$3 for something that maybe just as buggy

1 feature I am looking for that Tusky misses is toot bookmarking.
I tried Fedilab on my other device and it had that feature but I also encountered a bug or glitch in Fedilab that deleted draft without sending. Choosing between a pretty face and glitchy but handy is tough.

I will continue using both and choose sometime in summer.

Which Mastodon client do you use/recommend for Android?

My Twitter account finally got a Profile photo. What do you think about it?

I have MI Band HRX. HRX may sound something special but I believe it means "Heart Rate eXcluded".
Anyway, I got it setup with Gadget Bridge after replacing MIUI on my MI Note 4 with Lineage OS. But I had issues with connection. Device paired fine but later it would not connect to watch to sync sleep data. About a week later I removed Gadget Bridge with another well known MI Fit alternative on Play Store.
I am suspecting that was mismatch of Band firmware and GadgetBridge.

Do you wanna pay a visit?
Our throats are drying just from ear holes.

@KyleRuzic @omnipotens
I understand your enthusiasm but I would rather have a normal smart phone with no wireless charging or foldable screen stuff but instead packed with bigger battery.

With current hinge technology and opening these devices have around hinge, it is not a question of if screen will break but when screen will break.

A new tech is fragile. Let it mature. I am not against foldable screen tech, I am against a screen that is slowly but surely getting damaged.

2 problems with foldable PCs:
1. Display is OLED which means display will get burned-in in areas where there are same thing displayed for a lloonngg time. Such as taskbar, window title bar, window control buttons, wallpaper etc.
2. OS isn't ready for foldable devices and act like if the device was just another regular tablet.
Bonus. Foldable display tech is young and displays are fragile to get damaged by dust entering from hinge is a BIG issue. See Samsung Fold for more info

@LibertyPaulM That is interesting. I use i3wm as well (on Solus). I never use tabbed view. I have 10 workspaces + 1 Misc (for terminals running watch commands such as auto-updating background image).
I don't always use a mouse and built-in trackpad is good enough.
NOTE: I haven't finish ricing yet. It will be even more keyboard friendly in the future. I am also learning 10 fingers.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..