At least e-waste is free to get rid of. Discounting the train ticket to get to the recycling/transfer station.

When clearing out I'm always short of boxes to sort things in. There's the usual "Rubbish" and "Recycling", but now there's also "Shred", "e-waste", "Give to <person>", "Charity"...

Basically I have too much stuff and a "Spring clean" is overdue.

@stephaniewalter I'm split between "thank-you" and "Aah! This brings back terrifying memories!"

Just when I find a new keyboard I like I see the price-tag.

I just love unexpectedly walking into the middle of a religious war about something very inconsequential

- Said nobody ever

I don't know what I'd do without Lets Encrypt

After falling down a rabbit hole of certificate nonsense and documentation I'm beginning to understand why HTTPS isn't as common as it should be.

Lockdowns are easing, for me at least. Which is nice. I'm now doing at least as much sport as coding. It's nice to get out...

Well it's good to know the cat is fine, just a little old.

You know your cat-sitting isn't going well when you have the Vet visiting...

@lightweight @sir I like the "least worst" part.

Currently linux really gets on my nerve. But not nearly as much as Windows

and not even close to the amount of BS I have to put up with Android...

...hang on....

Getting asked to help with family email problems. "Failed to deliver: could not find MX record for recipient" "But it worked yesterday"...


I know we want to dumb-down some difficult concepts so that the "everyday person" can understand it...

...but I think it reaches a point where you are simplifying it so far I question whether the average person is capable of understanding it if it needs that much detail stripped out.

Opened the new floor-plans PDF...

Someone has taken the architects work and condensed it into rectangles and arrows using what could generously be called "MS Paint"...

I honestly can't tell if half the openings are doors or windows. Or which way the stairs go... Or how big it is because "who needs dimensions?".

In happier news: I'm 1 step closer to no longer receiving those "grow your connection" emails that Thunderbird automatically files.... errr... somewhere. Probably the recycle bin if I'm honest.

Does anyone else feel a little bit weird when someone you sorta kinda know requests to add you as a "Professional Connection" on LinkedIn?

Behind rubber-duck-debugging (or, as I call it, teddy-bear debugging), I think the second most effective method of fixing things is "Leaving it alone for a week and coming back once you have done *?
something else".

It is sad the number of errors I'm making that are of the "Fixed by RTFM" variety.

"What's my Mastodon Password: The Musical", featuring sing-along classics: "How to crack this KeePass DB", "What's the master password for Bitwarden" and "I Swear I remember the PIN for this Yubikey". Production suspended at a theatre near you.

Does this even happen to others?
"I should spend more time on <project>". Open <project> folder "Yeah, there's a lot to do here", open <that one file> "Oh, that's why I haven't been working on <project>".

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