That painful feeling when you need to open a network file in special-program™, but you also need to be connected to a VPN so that speical-program™ can communicate with the license server. 😒.

Going through my cable box: I think we've reached equillibriem. The number of USB-C cables equals the number of USB-B-Micro cables.

Got a new microcontroller the other day. Comes with a female USB-B-Micro port. I don't think I have any of those left!

It seems every time I try an implement some auth flow, no sooner have I finished I read some blog post explaining how the method I chose is all wrong, open to security vulnerabilities, and I need to throw the whole thing out and start again.

And hence the cycle repeats

My day: 8+ hours of procrastination, followed by at least 6 hours worth of work crammed into 2 hours, sometime after dinner. Go figure.

Ok, podcasts. Online now because in person is super-no-go. Anyone had any luck with anything?

Hope we don't end up using skype.

I just remembered I forgot to post my usual daylight-savings-transition rant. I guess I have been a bit pre-occupied as of recent.

It's reached the point now where it's not the 1-hour time shift that's causing sleep problems as much as the late nights debugging things is.

All that effort to get people to start putting tape over their webcams... just to have it all taken away by video-conferencing.

I really wish I found calibre sooner.

Finally all my .pdfs are organised

Dear Librarians

You are the gatekeepers of knowledge. You spread laughs, joy, information and knowledge. You hold the answers to everything I could possibly ask. You are the true keepers of democracy.

As a concerned member of society, please fix this.

With thanks

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Providing tech support to families is bad enough in normal circumstances...

...does anyone have any good way to explain to the parents that they can't read their favourite book or listen to the audio book because their Windows 10 2-in-1 isn't an Android tablet and can't install the library app?

Things on my to-do list as "overdue":
- Get exercise
- Hockey practice

Things on my to-do list as "recently completed"
- Fix server backup
- Fix email configuration
- Clean computer keyboard

So the one good side to all my hobbies being cancelled: I finally have time to work on some of those web projects I have been working on...

Three things that feel "eternal" at the current point in time: Death, Taxes, and Covid-19.

I feel like a lot of my recent toots have been Covid-19 related. Need to get back onto some of my projects so I can complain about dependency problems instead.

How to enforce social distancing when all you have is packing tape, railway style.

I honestly don't know why they bothered. That was peak hour. Notice the distinct lack of anybody?

And this weeks award for "least helpful error message" goes to...


MS Outlook!

Here's the answer to another question that really didn't need an answer:

How well does a choir rehearsal over Zoom work?

...I also need to find a better background than "Transparent".

Lots of people seem to be using pride flags these days, but I think the ginger pride flag would make it too hard to see the hair.

Does anyone else have that feeling "Oh, new account on a new service... Needs a profile pic... Dammit, where did I save that elusive png?"

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