We are grateful that Stefanie Chiras, Vice President and General Manager, RHEL Business Unit was able to sit down with us and talk about all of the awesome innovations in RHEL8 @RedHat @RedHatSummit

We cannot thank Voxtelesys enough for providing our phone systems every single week, which by the way, will be open tonight at 6PM CST on the Ask Noah Show !

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So, our friends over Tech News World posted an awesome article about Windows now including a Linux kernel. Toot us your thoughts! linuxinsider.com/story/86007.h

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Check out the current episode of the Ask Noah Show ! Episode 126 features an interview with Easy Appointments, a look at Lutris Gaming , weekly news roundup, and of course all your calls! podcast.asknoahshow.com/126

Our friends over at @ubports have released OTA-9. Great work! Their product, Ubuntu Touch is working to bring an alternative to the mobile market. If you haven't yet, give it a spin today. Https://ubports.com/


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