@d_pechkin my osteopat does tell me that my brain is very wired and I am quite adrenal.

@omnipotens totally agree I get the feeling that all the stuff around Facebook at the moment is almost pushing people over the edge, but they are not quite ready to take the plunge. I think it's becoming clear that I'm maybe a bit too impatient. But I am genuinely in awe of what Linux and the FOSS community have achieved. And it's a real community as well. We need that at the moment ie real communities

@omnipotens @wolf480pl may be pr is the wrong word here. I mean I agree it's great that FOSS is not shoved down people's throats. I suppose I'm really meaning how we communicate ideas. This is great thought I'm really up for this debate.

@omnipotens @wolf480pl yes, it actually has to work, but for me, it has to be ethical, so that's where open source wins out. I'll even take works slightly less well if I think the spirit is right. One of the wonderful things about open source is that its actually developing fast. Hey I'm a massive user of google and youtube, that works, it's just I love it when something works that well without advertising. I'm all about letting people know about alternatives. It's up to them to make that choice

@wolf480pl@mstdhn.io @omnipotens I totally agree, It's not a case of shoving FOSS on people, it's more a case of letting them know that there is an alternative. There is a misconception that Linux is more difficult to use, or you have to be techy to use it. I think there are some brilliant techy brains that have made it just as easy to use as any software in a lot of cases

@d_pechkin Now this is obviously where I'm going wrong. I too have an alarm clock but have spent 15 years ignoring it. Today was a case in point. I'm now late as usual.

@d_pechkin @d_pechkin I'm jealous, I simply can't get up early no matter how much stuff I have to do. Please tell me the secret.

It's getting very late and I realize that I may be just madly posting stuff as I'm new to mastodon and having fun. I suspect I may be starting to rant. Time to go to bed and watch a couple of episodes of Only Connect before sleepy byes. Goodnight all

Let's face it, to the wider world open source has a bit of a PR problem. I know from personal experience. I've known about Linux for about 20 years and yet it's only in the last three months that I've started to seriously use it. What's taken me so long? There is so much understandable outrage at the moment about the likes of Facebook. Why aren't more people exploring the alternatives?

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I'm testing a PeerTube plugin I'm creating to improve use and display of Creative Commons licenses. If you want to see it in action, you can view it by watching any video of @boilingsteam


CC: @sean

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Nothing want to do when I am sleepy. And coffee is not helping. So, I should choose simple tasks on this day. Maybe the problem is that I started work at 4 a.m. yesterday because I needed to upgrade the firmware on a remote device with a 6-hour time difference.

Well, I should go to bed early today.

There is so much fantastic stuff out there about how to use FOSS programs and what is being developed. Let's start a dialogue about open source is making the world a better place and the ethics behind it.

Hello, I'm Mike, I'm really interested in starting a dialogue about Linux, that doesn't focus on the software or the tech, or indeed anything to do with computing. Why you may ask? Well, I'd like to start a dialogue about the ethos and philosophy behind it. That's what fascinates me. I work in the creative arts but love the whole idea of Linux I'd like to see it reach a wider audience.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...