Let's face it, to the wider world open source has a bit of a PR problem. I know from personal experience. I've known about Linux for about 20 years and yet it's only in the last three months that I've started to seriously use it. What's taken me so long? There is so much understandable outrage at the moment about the likes of Facebook. Why aren't more people exploring the alternatives?

There is so much fantastic stuff out there about how to use FOSS programs and what is being developed. Let's start a dialogue about open source is making the world a better place and the ethics behind it.

Hello, I'm Mike, I'm really interested in starting a dialogue about Linux, that doesn't focus on the software or the tech, or indeed anything to do with computing. Why you may ask? Well, I'd like to start a dialogue about the ethos and philosophy behind it. That's what fascinates me. I work in the creative arts but love the whole idea of Linux I'd like to see it reach a wider audience.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...