There is so much fantastic stuff out there about how to use FOSS programs and what is being developed. Let's start a dialogue about open source is making the world a better place and the ethics behind it.

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@mikehow Firstly, "open source" per se, is a marketing term dreamed about by Eric Raymod et al. to sell the idea to corporations.

What the corporations are interested in, is exploiting the free labour of programmers - getting something for nothing, or at least for a lot less.

I know people "say" corporations support open source but they only support projects that interest them, not any ethical ideal behind open source.

So, I think open source is flawed as a concept.

@mikehow It has boiled down to programmers whoring them out to corporations.

Projects without corporate backing struggle to get by.

Github is just a slave market really, where projects advertise their wares, hoping to get noticed.

The Free Software movement had deeper ideals, but open source is just the global red light district for programmers.

You wanted a discussion. You got a discussion.

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