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Interesting post on licensing used by Redis to fight back against large cloud providers monitising their product and never contributing anything back via @lattera

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If you use Debian: you're got getting the recent Intel CPU bugfixes because Intel updated the firmware package's license to state that it's not redistributable.

If use Linux other than Debian and have the bugfixes: ask your maintainers why they're distributing software they're not legally allowed to.

And in any case: next time you purchase a CPU, evaluate whether AMD might be a better choice than Intel.

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A year ago I bought my first non-Apple laptop ever: A Dell XPS 15. One year in I'm still very happy with that decision. The XPS works great with #Linux and has great specs that let me get work done with no fuss: Quad core i7, 32Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD, GTX1050 graphics, beautiful 4K display, and a selection of ports I actually need.

Read my original write up at:

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ATTN:, this is the proper way to run a social media platform.

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"Most websites are about delivering content. HTML is amazing for this and you DON'T NEED JAVASCRIPT."

I would like to marry this post. 👰

#progressiveenhancement #inclusivedesign

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After experiencing my 16G work laptop run out of memory while running a few editors, a browser, rest client and a sql client... I am convinced that we need to find a better way to do desktop apps than Electron.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...