although it is not very familiar. I don't have much time to customize it more

Yeeeeey!!! I have managed to successfully install nvidia support in my computer!!!!

Blackout has finally ended an hour ago. I can now finish my work

Dear blackout, PLEASE STOP!!!! it has been 10 hours already!

Life without electricity (Well, not entirely)The whole province where I'm living and 2 neighboring provinces(one of them is the capital city) is having a blackout since approx. 2 hours ago. Still surviving with my phone over here

Yes, I have manage to install i3(-gaps), and it is great!. It has a great manual, it is easy to use, and the config file is easy to understand.

**Strong earthquake kills at least one in Indonesia**

"A powerful undersea earthquake that struck off the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java has killed at least one person and briefly displaced more than 1,000 coastal-dwellers who feared a tsunami, Indonesia's disaster agency said on Saturday. "

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I will not buy mechanical keyboards anymore 

I was looking for a lightweight browser, and found out about qutebrowser ( It is my daily driver now, even though I still use firefox, for websites that for some reason doesn't work / very slow in qutebrowser. But overall it is a very nice web browser!

My first screenshot sunday, and why I don't do screenshot sundays

it uses the flynn theme (the desk computer in tron films)

Pepole of mastodon, how do find out about mastodon?

: Junji Itou is one talented mangaka. He can make comics with unconventional objects, like The foundations of a house, cats, nails and such. The bad thing is though, After reading his works for a while, I can get freaked out by a cooking pot

Sorry, stupid question. Is there any way to 'extract' apps in linux to packages? like turning intalled applications to a '$.deb'?

Finally, a mechanical keyboard! But since I have used membrane keyboards before, I still type them all the way down 😅

A computer program will always do what you tell it to do, but rarely what you want to do.

Great. Now my computer cannot accept live usb for some reason

Yeey! Manage to install lineage os without breaking my phone!

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