Best name for a cat:


If you try to pick him up, and he scratches you, you're not worthy.

As a human being, Everyday I'm amazed and perplexed on how genius and smart phumans are (sometimes), and also how stupid and imbecilic fellow humans can be, even sometimes in the same time.

I just started studying GoLang... any advice?

We've all heard of the fediverse but what is the tildeverse?

I've been having this problem since I upgraded to Debian 10.1. For some reason, xdm doesn't always start properly after boot. If I reboot it works.

I don't have much experience diagnosing systemd, but in /var/log, when this happens, Xorg.0.log is not touched. xdm.log is touched, but is empty. Entry in syslog says

systemd: xdm.service Main process exited, code=killed, status=12/USR2

Is there anyone out there with a Thinkpad t14s AMD, who installed Arch Linux, and had issues with audio? I've been trouble-shooting for about a day now, I've tried everything I can think of and everything the web says, and I'm at my whit's end! I'll work on writing down everything I've tried soon, but I need a break from this mess. 😒😣😭

hi, does anyone know how/where to buy retro/old computer/laptops/ in ? thanks!


almost late ;-)

managed to install Artix :archlinux:,
Not as hard as I have expected, even though there are still some problems I have yet to solve,
but, at least it is now a usable system :-)

Feel free to ask questions!

I just discovered my Brother-in-Law produces music on Bandcamp.

Consider throwing him a few bones for his music?

With Apple's move to , I hope sees some love in the consumer industry as well.

Does anybody know of a GUI audio configuration utility for openbsd?

Have you voted for the upcoming 11 (Bullseye) release's wallpaper yet?

Maybe it's primacy bias but I'm a fan of the first two! SoftDebian and Debian 3D Dark.

Review the artwork:
Vote here:

I saw someone on the fediverse post a screenshot of Debian running Hurd. Has anyone tried it? How well does it work? Last I heard, it didnt work very well, but that was over a decade ago.

Which ThinkPad key style do you prefer? X220 vs X230 keyboards here

So, OpenBSD appears to have released some music CDs, anybody know where I could get some?

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