I had forgotten that compiling qt5 takes a very long time

Now, All I can do is waiting for testdisk to rescan my hard disk and try to find anything salvage-able

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And as a lazy person, I have never backed-up that hard disk.

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Now I lost all of my Linux istallation, my data and documents, All of my movies and music, basically all the time and effort (and internet data) I have put on that computer

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What a great day today.

Tried installing OpenBSD, and managed to clear my computer hardisk (which contains everything) into a single BSD partition

Wanted to go to the outer space, but I slacked off, so I just pretended I went there

When you're sleepy but you had a job to do:
Listens to horror music while working

although it is not very familiar. I don't have much time to customize it more

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Yeeeeey!!! I have managed to successfully install nvidia support in my computer!!!!

Blackout has finally ended an hour ago. I can now finish my work

Dear blackout, PLEASE STOP!!!! it has been 10 hours already!

Life without electricity (Well, not entirely)The whole province where I'm living and 2 neighboring provinces(one of them is the capital city) is having a blackout since approx. 2 hours ago. Still surviving with my phone over here

Yes, I have manage to install i3(-gaps), and it is great!. It has a great manual, it is easy to use, and the config file is easy to understand.

**Strong earthquake kills at least one in Indonesia**

"A powerful undersea earthquake that struck off the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java has killed at least one person and briefly displaced more than 1,000 coastal-dwellers who feared a tsunami, Indonesia's disaster agency said on Saturday. "


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I will not buy mechanical keyboards anymore 

I was looking for a lightweight browser, and found out about qutebrowser (qutebrowser.org). It is my daily driver now, even though I still use firefox, for websites that for some reason doesn't work / very slow in qutebrowser. But overall it is a very nice web browser!

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