Trying out Tiling by using the krohnkite Kwin Script on KDE Plasma

Nice for me, as i would only want tiling as a secondary feature instead of the main focus

If I knew how to make games, I'd remake Super Smash Flash with the Godot engine

Watching youtube through VLC is a much greater experience than doing it with a browser.
Having Full Vaapi support really does make the experience smoother, and i can have my videos on a 21:9 Proportion this way


My interests are , , and learning about and (both of which I'm a complete noob at).

I’m shy and have , but I’m trying to improve on those and myself in general.

Thanks to @ChrisWere for his great videos! They introduced me to Mastodon and help me learn more about FOSS and Linux!

I wanted to try out the Sculpting features of blender today.
Spent half a hour trying to replicate a little statue my mother has.
I didn't put attention on details, but i actually really liked it!


Decided to go back to OpenSuse after some great experiences with lubuntu 18.10

β€œThere would be no innovation without patents or copyright”

If you believe that you don’t understand innovation or free markets

After some good struggles with my crappy internet connection, i was able to Upload a little Speedpaint that made me quite Happy :)

It's kinda raw and i didn't pay attention to details, but i assure you the emotions struck me hard on this one haha


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