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How to set default color and brightness of LEDs of the DualShock 4 controller on Linux

maxigaz boosted is infinite ambient music made with algorithms.

Well, now I don't have the "coding playlist is too boring problem"

I love the "plug and play" experience on Linux. ~ A happy Dualshock 4 user

Too bad Pinafore doesn't show follow requests. I've just realised I had a couple of pending ones only on the default Mastodon web client.

Jazz² Resurrection: An open-source reimplementation of Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Does any of you have any experience with DualShock 4 V2 on GNU/Linux? How is it now, in (almost) March 2019?

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Todd from Purism is guesting the latest episode of Late Night Linux.

They have a lot of great visions regarding privacy and convince. He talked a lot about offering a complete ecosystem based on open and decentralized services that's not locked into any hardware or platforms.

I hope that they can live up on all of it as well. I'm more than willing to pay for ethical, libre and secure convenience.

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"CryptPad is a private-by-design alternative to popular office tools and cloud services." Also, AGPL.

The new UX design (including the dark theme) looks MUCH better!

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K9 discussion regarding no setting for viewing e-mail messages in plaintext:

"If you want to trade the extended formatting options HTML brings for a reduced attack surface, that's fine. But K-9 Mail won't be that email client for you. You'll have to look somewhere else."

What other clients are there that's on par with K9?

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Do you feel puzzled? No reason for that. Palapeli is a single-player jigsaw puzzle game from #KDE. Freely movable pieces, real persistency, and fun.

snap install palapeli

Monochromatic: a FOSS app for Android that filters out blue light through a new approach

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