Blessing in disguise: kernel update broke both scroll wheels on my old budget mouse, which nudged me to buy a new Logitech gaming mouse. Plus I learned how to map program specific bindings to buttons!

Now I know why my Moto G hasn't received any LineageOS updates since February: LineageOS 14.1 has been officially discontinued. 🙁

Previm: Live preview markdown (and a few other formats) in the browser of your choice. No external dependencies required.

First commit pushed to Raspberry Pi running Gitea. Feels liberating!

Antimicro has been abandoned. Again.

Can anyone recommend a good alternative (apart from qjoypad and sc-controller)?

Distro recommendation for Raspberry Pi? 

The classic point-and-click advernture game Toonstruck is being free on GOG

@hund How much time does it normally take to update the database? For me, having also two HDDs, it took about a minute.

Taking a look at my many years old Linux notes, I remember that I used to use `locate` for finding files quickly. However, as I bought my first SSD, I stopped using it because I didn't want my whole file system to be scanned every day for a db update.

Today, however, I learned that `mlocate` is also available, and is called with the `locate` command according to the Gentoo Wiki.

Does it mean that mlocate has replaced locate? Also, how taxing is it?

tfw you're not good at programming but writing build documentation is appreciated. 😎

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nncli - NextCloud Notes Command Line Interface

"You can access your notes via a customizable console GUI that implements vi-like keybinds or via a simple command line interface that you can script."

"Notes can be viewed/created/edited in both an online and offline mode. All changes are saved to a local cache on disk and automatically sync’ed when nncli is brought online."

"Kiten is a Japanese reference and study tool. It features an English to Japanese and Japanese to English dictionary, as well as a Kanji dictionary."

@hund On /r/redditalternatives there are already several Reddit clones listed that are open source. One of them is notabug, which looks EXACTLY how Reddit used to look.

I think the problem is that none of these are compatible with each other technology- and/or policy-wise and their individual userbases are quite small.

I'm rooting for any Reddit clones that are compatible with ActivityPub right now.

@hund Given how popular rtv is (judging by GitHub stars), I guess someone will fork it and that fork continues to live on.

Buku - Browser-independent bookmark manager in the terminal


- Make your bookmarks portable, sync them however you want
- Open bookmarks in ANY application (use the variable BROWSER like `BROWSER=mpv buku -o [id]` to open a link in mpv)
- Import from Firefox, Chromium, or Chrome
- Export/import from/to HTML, Markdown, or Orgfile
- Use multiple databases (with `--db [dbname].db`) and encrypt them so that others can't see what you saved (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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