Taking a look at my many years old Linux notes, I remember that I used to use `locate` for finding files quickly. However, as I bought my first SSD, I stopped using it because I didn't want my whole file system to be scanned every day for a db update.

Today, however, I learned that `mlocate` is also available, and is called with the `locate` command according to the Gentoo Wiki.

Does it mean that mlocate has replaced locate? Also, how taxing is it?

@maxigaz My oldest SSD is 8 years old and it's still working just fine, even with mlocate. :)

@hund How much time does it normally take to update the database? For me, having also two HDDs, it took about a minute.

@maxigaz It took me 42 seconds to index 1,2 TB of data on my 11 year old computer.

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