I've tried TiddlyWiki (and TiddlyMap) recently for non-linear note-taking. Having used various mind-mapping tools in the past (especially Freeplane), it looks very promising.

Do you happen to know other open source tools worth trying for taking non-linear notes?

@maxigaz What's nonlinear notes? A fancier word for someone who can't take regular notes? :P

I think "hierarchical vs. flat list notes" are more appropriate terms here and sometimes hierarchical notes are very useful. To me, org-mode is the best tool for this sort of things and I find text outlines much more practical than graphical mind-maps. But anyway I'm sure there are a lot of tools which can build graphical representatons of org-mode files.

@VikingKong @maxigaz I see. Who needs all that when you have Vim and Markdown? :D

@VikingKong @hund To my understanding, linear note-taking means there's a given sequence when you write down something and you read it back in the same order.

Non-linear note-taking, on the other hand, means you put down items in a non-fixed order—for example, write each idea when it comes to your mind during brainstorming—and then you create relationships between them by tags, links, and/or (in mind maps) arrows.

@VikingKong @hund What I like about TiddlyWiki so far is that it's not necessary to have all the items visible in front of you at the same time, only the ones you need, and you can find them easily.

Of course TiddlyWiki is not perfect (it works with single HTML files which can grow relatively big in size, works in a web browser and not always the fastest), which is why I'm open to new tools that can do similar. :)

@hund Because "worse is better"? ;)

(I love Vim + Markdown.)

@maxigaz Haha! :D To each of his own or whatever the English speaking people say. ;P

Joplin ( ) is a quite good note taking app which supports notebooks and tags in Evernote fashion. It stores data in plain text files and can sync via cloud services like Dropbox etc. The app is heavily Markdown-oriented and even has a web clipper which clips directly into Markdown. I use this app and quite satisfied with it. The best of both worlds 😉

@VikingKong @hund Thanks for the recommendation! Joplin is based on Electron, isn't it? I think I'll take a look at vimwiki ( first, and if it doesn't work out to suit my needs, I'll give Joplin a try.

@maxigaz @hund Just've checked it out. Looks great, thanks for the tip!

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