I'm happy that the regression in alsa has been fixed. I can keep using my sound card, a SB Live! 24-bit from 2003!

I checked out SDLPoP (free/libre port of the DOS version of Prince of Persia) after a few years again.

I'm amazed that after all these years such a port is not only still actively developed, but it also contains tons of new options, enhancements, and even mod support.


It's been a while since I discovered sdcv (Stardict Console Version) and pyglossary (a dictionary conversion tool).

Allegedly sdcv (just like proper Stardict) supports markup, although I've only been able to make it show entries in plain text. Still, a great choice if you want an offline dictionary tool in the terminal. Also, if used in Termux, there's no more need to rely on GoldenDict for Android, which is proprietary and commercial.


My PC running Manjaro used to have Octopi running in the background, which would indicate new available updates with an animated panel icon.

Since I switched from Plasma to i3, I haven't used it once. Instead, I check my RSS feeds now and again to see if there's a new update announcement posted on the Manjaro forums.

Which update checking method do you prefer for your Linux-based environment?

SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin

“140 musicians, 39 tracks, and nearly three hours of all-new video game covers!”

Free download licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0


I've just tried Sonic Pi, “a code-based music creation and performance tool”.

Setting up JACK (which is necessary for Sonic Pi) so that it plays nicely with Pulseaudio was somewhat harder than I expected, but once it's done and having spent an hour in the tutorials… boy, does it feel awesome!

(By the way, there are also plugins for Vim and Emacs.)


Live-coding performance example:

Vegan on a Desert Island is an upcoming free/libre 2D puzzle-adventure game using the Solarus engine.

“[It] is an artful union between retro-game aesthetics and the absurdity of postmodern culture.”


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Today, I was suprised to see a website appear using a dark colour theme, which normally wouldn't. After closer inspection, I found that it's using a fairly new CSS media feature that detects light/dark preference in the system settings.


If implemented well, it's a neat idea!

However, I’ll still keep i3 around for the following reasons:

- Japanese IME doesn’t work in Kitty under Wayland.
- No working graphical colour picker under Wayland.
- While there's a feature similar to unclutter built into Sway, which hides the mouse cursor in case of inactivity, it needs to be switched off for games to work properly, which is a little cumbersome.

Using Sway (Wayland compositor and i3 clone) as a daily driver

After a few weeks, I think it’s very usable:

- It includes nearly all features I’ve become accustomed to on i3 and X in general.
- Non-Wayland applications (including games) work very well through XWayland.
- I actually have fewer graphical glitches with my old AMD card.
- Kitty (terminal manager) starts up faster than under X.

(Continued in a reply.)

TIL that Hedgewars (libre Worms clone) v1.0 was released about a month ago. hedgewars.org/node/9014

FreeCS: “a free-software reimplementation of Counter-Strike 1.5 running on the FTE QuakeWorld engine”


I've been playing around with Sway + Waybar for almost two days. It feels suprisingly good.

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#peertube 's mascot: I made a vector puppet from my sketch in #inkscape to ease futures derivations and maintainance.

Thread & sources: framacolibri.org/t/peertubes-m

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