I'm pleasantly surprised at how usable and feature-rich Gajim is—while still being lightweight.

Now I just need more people to chat with on XMPP.

A PeerTube client for Android is now on F-Droid!

I'd be interested in learning about new (and SFW) websites supported by youtube-dl with media about technology, science, and Japanese culture.

The primary purpose is to open videos (or audio) in mpv.

Besides YouTube, only ted.com comes to mind. Can you recommend any other ones?

If you have a site with a lot of diverse topics in mind (like PeerTube), please, also mention the channel/username you recommend.

Briefing video of The Dark Mod fan mission Shadows of Northdale ACT I. Pretty good for a FOSS game! youtube.com/watch?v=p4nP3lYd6w

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"How Microsoft uses biometric profiles to track & de-anonymize Windows 10 users with various third party services"


TIL: The lua script mpv-stats has been part of mpv since December github.com/Argon-/mpv-stats

It's been over two years since I deleted my Facebook account and I've never returned. Time to celebrate?

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Opening a YouTube link in mpv remotely through KDE Connect Show more

Although OpenDungeons is not a complete game, it's already playable. And free software. opendungeons.github.io/

Is it possible to browse an archive (like ZIP, RAR, 7z) with ranger file manager and extract only certain files from it by yanking and pasting?

(Krusader and maybe Double Commander can do this for the most part. I wonder if ranger can do this, too.)

Solarus: a free software engine for fan-made 2D Zelda games solarus-games.org/

I've tried Mystery Of Solarus DX with it. It's pretty good.

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TIL: EPUB support in Zathura is pretty good. The formatting is better than in Okular and Zathura is overall much lighter than Calibre.

It just requires the MuPDF backend (pacman -S zathura-pdf-mupdf) instead of Poppler.

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