As an option in case they won't come to an agreement, one of the devs suggested using a Firefox fork that supports unsigned add-ons.

Is LibreWolf such a fork?

Cannot sleep… must… configure… i3…

The most informative weather widget I've ever seen.

This is what I would probably miss the most if I switched to a tiling WM.

Thinking about switching from KDE Plasma to a tiling WM, like i3.

I want to figure out alternatives to some features first though.

sxhkd: a simple X hotkey daemon created by the developer of bspwm (although it can be used with any WM or DE)

I love the ability to set up key press chains as trigger hotkeys and its config file syntax.

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TIL: Ctrl-J acts as Enter in the terminal. (At least in bash and zsh it does. Don't know about other shells.)

The only slight inconvenience with this is that in fzf, the role of Ctrl-J and Enter (navigation down and item selection, respectively) is reversed because of this. Oh well…

jumpapp: “A run-or-raise application switcher for any X11 desktop”

remark: “A simple, in-browser, markdown-driven slideshow tool”

While it doesn't have spectacular animations like reveal.js does, I find it easier to use and it uses a fixed aspect ratio, allowing images to actually stay in place regardless of the screen size.

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autojump: "A cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line"

Ranger integration:

Today I bought my first mechanical keyboard, a Cooler Master MK730… only to realise that NKRO works under Windows, but not Linux. (Which is a pity, because I wanted to learn Plover.)

After some online search, it looks like certain models, like the Ducky One, have the same issue, while others work perfectly.

What can I, a non-developer, do if I want to have this feature implemented for my model? (File a bug report for the related kernel module?)

When trying to connect to the XMPP server hosted at linuxrocks, I get the following message:

"TLS certificate verification failed: certificate has expired"

@G_Dog1985 @omnipotens

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Darling: “a translation layer that lets you run macOS software on Linux”

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Thanks to my friends at #OSCON last week who reminded me of the problems of "slide-uments".

"Documents are meant to be information dense, while slides are not ... It’s that simple, it does not make sense to use PowerPoint to create documents."


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So #GitLab Pages has finally rolled out their automatic #LetsEncrypt integration for hosted web sites. It's quite painless and automatically renews certs. So glad that I don't have to manually do this or maintain some brittle CI-based scripts anymore.

If you've got a GL-hosted site, take the next 90 seconds and go secure it!

#HTTPS #TLS #FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Blessing in disguise: kernel update broke both scroll wheels on my old budget mouse, which nudged me to buy a new Logitech gaming mouse. Plus I learned how to map program specific bindings to buttons!

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