Although one way to achieve that would be to set up Tmux and SSH with a terminal-based game, but it's a bit complicated and not for everyone.

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A FOSS Gomoku/Tic-tac-toe game that can be played online against others. That would be awesome.

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The Crust merge-request for the #pinephone on #postmarketOS is now ready for testing! Please give it a shot and report if it does it's job well!

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John Oliver shares a powerful example of what is wrong with the attitude towards #privacy and security in Silicon Valley. Don't give #GAFAM your data. It isn't safe.

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lemmy-lite: “A static, nojs, touch-friendly Lemmy frontend” (proof of concept)

What's on your mind?—an independent short film

“Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours... But are they really?”

Let's say you want to edit two files in (Neo)vim, each displayed on the same workspace side by side. Which method do you prefer?

Do you open them in a single Vim instance using splits, or separate Vim instances with each running in a Tmux split or terminal window?

“5 humans review 5 open source video chat tools”

- Jitsi
- Signal
- (personal note: no longer maintained)
- Nextcloud Talk
- BigBlueButton
- Runner-up: Jami

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How many #GUI apps are you using (except of the terminal emulator) daily?

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