I think that's enough time arguing with dependabot updates for this weekend.

(Also, TIL Solr 8.x isn't compatible with Jackson 2.12, despite what dependabot wants me to believe.)

Sitting here wondering why the 'k' key had stopped working, only to realize I'd actually put i3 into resize mode...

I'm on a home-built keyboard, so having a key stop working could mean anything! 😃

Sunday morning baking: sourdough bread, plus eight savoury scones made with sourdough discard.

Fixed the microwave door this morning, so that's another small victory over planned obsolescence.

(I can't imagine those plastic spring hooks aren't *intended* to break after a certain amount of time.)

My main desktop PC died the other day - power button wouldn't respond at all. Today I replaced the PSU, assuming the 8-year old one was probably the issue. No joy. Still completely dead.

Now guessing it's either the motherboard, CPU, or the power button itself. Bah!

Duolingo French feels like a Sisyphean undertaking. Every time I get near to finishing they revise it and add more modules!

The joy of an early dishwasher disassembly, having discovered the rotor is too full of limescale to clean the mugs effectively.

Everything I find online says that dishwasher tablets have a built in descaler, and you shouldn't need to do this. Clearly the water around here is too calcium-rich for that to be true.

Just posted about adding RGB backlighting and tweaking the OLED display on my Lily58 home-build keyboard. mattonthehill.wordpress.com/20

And of course my Drop Halo True switches turn up the day after I've built my new keyboard. Luckily it's hot-swappable...

Just spent ages bashing my head against QMK, trying to figure out why I couldn't get the media keys to work, only to discover they were disabled in the keyboard config. EXTRAKEY_ENABLE=yes, dammit!

Accidentally filled my root partition during an update last night and thought I'd b0rked my laptop. Thankfully managed to restore the kernel by booting and chrooting from a USB stick.

(Turned out a mount had failed last time I backed up and it had rsync'd to a local folder instead of my NAS. Oops!)

Anyone know where I can get a "humanized cutting mouth"? I'll need one in a few days when my LED strip arrives.

It baffles me that people take the RAM out of old laptops when they sell them on ebay, especially those selling as "Parts only". Surely 4GB of Macbook RAM from 2010 can't be worth re-selling... can it?

Trying to recreate an old mix tape on Spotify, not surprised that I can't find every track. Surprised that one of the missing is "More Light" off the first J Mascis & The Fog album though...

Slowly but surely clearing a ton of old computer gear out of the house. Surprised to find that old graphics cards are still sellable.

Finally said goodbye to my Nokia E90 on ebay. Sadly sold for just above the starting bid, to someone who'd offered me £20 more early in the auction, but so it goes.

It was PIN-locked, so if they can undo that they'll probably make a decent profit on it. I couldn't figure out how to break into it - even a full reset didn't reset the PIN to default.

Hey, Fedigardeners, I have a question for you!

How do you store seeds?

I'm making paper envelopes for every seed type, writing what's inside and the harvest date on them and storing them in a box in the basement.

Am I missing something or can do something differently/better?

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