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It's just like being back on Gentoo, only the rebuilds there *usually* happened automatically as part of the emerge.

Well, it's led me down the rabbit hole of trying to rebuild the packages I've found so far that are broken (vlc, clementine, maybe makemkv though I won't need that again for a while)...

I see once again that a QT5 update on Arch (formerly Antergos) has broken any Qt-dependent applications I've got installed. Joy!

Powered on my Nokia E90 for the first time in a few years with a view to selling it on. Now it's sitting in its box beeping forlornly as the standby power runs down.

Alas, I can't remember the PIN for it, so I either have to break it somehow, or sell it locked. Gah!

/me wonders how many times I must tell Thunderbird a mailing list email is not junk before it sticks.

This is a weekly mail-out, with images and links embedded. The sender is in my address book. Every week I tell Thunderbird it's not junk, and every five minutes it reclassifies it back as junk.

It's infuriating.

Ugh! The moment you realize there's a custom java map implementation in use that silently fails rather than behaving itself with the (not so) new streaming/lambda code. After spending most of the afternoon starting at a debugger.

That moment when you are debugging a problem in someone else's code and can't figure out the control flow and where things go wrong and suddenly get interrupted by a bug report in one of your own projects and you switch to debugging your own code and are surprised by the complex control flow and why did I write things this way and which solution is the best one and open source is so much fun and am I still making sense?

Responding to my own old toot, my MonoDevelop quest failed when I couldn't convince SolrNet to build on Linux, and I don't know/care enough about the Mono/.net platform to figure out how to fix it.

I did eventually submit a PR to the project though (from Windows), so all good!

Now trying to get MonoDevelop to work so I can get some work done on SolrNet without having to boot up a Windows machine. This is proving harder than it should be.

Main Linux install died after a reboot - lightdm wouldn't start, so I couldn't even Ctrl-F1 to a login terminal.

Managed to save it via chroot from a USB stick - turned out I'd run out of disk due to /var being full and an update had silently failed. Phew!

Always nice when you recognize a band on Bandcamp Daily - saw them live at the Great Escape in Brighton last year, an absolute riot!

Phew! Thought my Antergos install had borked itself, but it seems like the upgrades just got out of sync. A kernel upgrade following the nvidia module upgrade seems to have fixed things.

Ugh, hate it when this kind of thing happens on my main work PC. It's basically why I switched from Gentoo to Mint six years ago, always knew it was a risk on a rolling upgrade distro.

Was itching to play with the new TV hat recently so I added it to my little Pi powered HTPC, I don't watch TV unless someone else has it on in the background but it was fun to set up =) It runs LibreELEC with Tvheadend and can stream ISOs from my NextCloud server too woo

Ooh, well, one of them will at least. Probably helps it's an Ultimate Play The Game title (Martianoids, for anyone interested in that kind of thing).

Testing the waters by putting a bunch of ZX Spectrum cassette games on ebay. Wonder if they'll sell!

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