Slowly but surely clearing a ton of old computer gear out of the house. Surprised to find that old graphics cards are still sellable.

Finally said goodbye to my Nokia E90 on ebay. Sadly sold for just above the starting bid, to someone who'd offered me £20 more early in the auction, but so it goes.

It was PIN-locked, so if they can undo that they'll probably make a decent profit on it. I couldn't figure out how to break into it - even a full reset didn't reset the PIN to default.

Hey, Fedigardeners, I have a question for you!

How do you store seeds?

I'm making paper envelopes for every seed type, writing what's inside and the harvest date on them and storing them in a box in the basement.

Am I missing something or can do something differently/better?

The Pro-Micros have definitely been the weak link in this experience for me. Between USB connectors coming off and having one fail for no apparent reason at all (very intermittently recognised by PC, after initially working fine), they've really tested my patience.

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I have a working Let's Split once more! Thanks to the ebay supplier who was happy to send another Pro-Micro to replace one that didn't work out of the pack. Let's see if I can break the current record for keeping it alive.

(Current record: 4 days)

Rapidly coming to the conclusion that the micro USB connectors on Pro-Micro controllers are too fragile to be considered usable.

The terrible moment when you think, "I can't find my solder sucker, perhaps I can use the heat gun to de-solder this micro-controller that I inadvertently put on upside down."

(Of course, everything went horribly wrong. My Let's Split build has been delayed by a day or two.)

Let's Split keyboard kit arrived from, along with switches and keycaps from kbdfans. Saving the build for later in the week, but looking forward to it!

I bought a second-hand KVM from ebay and have only been able to get it working very intermittently. Looks like it might be a power consumption issue - supplying more than 150mA to the keyboard and mouse is apparently enough to make it too erratic to be usable.

First home keyboard kit build is a success! Only had to solder the switches which, having seen the size of the surface mount diodes is a definite relief!

Not sure if this is the start of a new hobby or not, but it was a fun thing to do for the day!

My current jar of coffee beans smells like potatoes. I'd wondered if this was *supposed* to be the case (my palate is not very sophisticated), but apparently not:

New keyboard has an emoji button. And they've shifted the menu button to the left side of the space bar, right next to Super. Guess who keeps hitting it while trying to do *anything* in i3wm!

Time to learn how to remap keys!

Started looking for split keyboards (been typing more than usual and my right elbow is giving me issues), and ended up spending half the evening reading about DIY keyboard projects.

Will probably go for a Kinesis Freestyle2, and save the DIY for a holiday project though!

Over-complicating the internet (or "Matt rants about Angular while shaking a stick at those darn kids who won't stop pair programming Javascript on his lawn").

Just realized that over the next couple years the Linux Mint team is going to have to come up with 4 different female "U" names. This should be good.

A quick tutorial post on how to add your own search API to the Rated Ranking Evaluator, an evaluation tool for search results.

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